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17 February 2009

Anafiotika, an Island in the City of Athens

Wind in hair, eyes wander far
View from Anafiotika area over Athens

Athens is a sea of concrete. But there are islands in every sea. On the northern side of the Akropolis, right in the center of Athens, there is a village called Anafiotika, which was built by people coming from the island of Anafi, right after the independence of the modern Greek state.

It's a place for a nice walk, best on a day with some wind and a clear view. The island architecture is refreshing over the city covering the plain from horizon to horizon. There are no cafes or restaurants here, but the Plaka is not far with all the tourist places.

(Sidenote: I've posted the picture much bigger than usually, I think it's worth it - but if you experience problems or dislike so big pictures in my weblog, feel free to drop me a note in the comments!)

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