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18 February 2009

Move a Python module from one Zope Product to another

From the 'Movers and Shakers' department

Last December I started on a another refactoring of our company's Zope Application. This time I was going to split out some of the stuff into separate Products, so I could install them only when needed. All nice and clean, but the instances of those classes / products in the ZODB didn't like their code to be moved out from under their feet. I asked around on #zope and TresEquis showed me what to do. Since this stuff is kind of hard to find, here is a little writeup.

Basically what we are doing is to place a snippet of code into the of the new location, then remove the registerClass() calls from the of the old location. That snippet says something like "I'm now responsible for these modules formerly found there." Lot's of talk, here is what it looks like:

__module_aliases__ = (
                        ( 'Products.OldProd.mod1',
                          'Products.NewProd.mod1' ),
                        ( 'Products.OldProd.mod2',
                          'Products.NewProd.mod2' ),

In our example this would be placed in the of NewProd.

As Simon noticed, you can use a list of tuples too. If you want to move the modules around in the same Zope Product, that will work too: Fix the import lines, declare __module_aliases__, all in the same

Tres offered some more hints on this thing, basically he wrote:

[This] creates aliases to the old names in sys.modules. You probably want to use them to support a content migration or at least touch and store all content.

So far in my experience it has worked fine, but I don't know about the longevity and trustworthyness. of this solution. Myself I will follow Tres advice and have every instance touched and re-stored in the ZODB at some point (lots of disk thrashing involved).

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