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22 February 2009

Up and Down

Another Lycabettus hill visit
The church on Lycabettus hill

The last few weeks I have a tendency to go to places with wide views, preferably up. One such place is the Λυκαβηττός (Lycavitos, also transliterated as Lycabettus sometimes), a steep hill, where one has a wide view all around Athens.

View from Lycabettus

So every time I'm up there somewhere and look at the rows and rows of streets and houses, I imagine someone standing there in the streets down there. Sometimes they will be looking up and spotting the white church on the hill. But most of the times they are probably busy with whatever they are doing down there.

Athens has much more "places to look down from", compared to Paris, for example. Must be why they built the Eiffel tower in Paris, they needed a spot for a wider view.

Typical street scene in Athens

Certainly there is enough to busy oneself with in the streets. Apart from whatever task one has at hand, there is also the job to look out for the traffic (ultimate goals: survival and getting there).

Being up there and enjoying the fresh air myself, I took some pictures to stitch together for a panorama (click on image for slightly bigger view). Instead of the usual "panorama of the city from above", I looked at the backside of the church. You can see a bit of the bell tower and the Greek flag, and on the sides you still get a hint of the city from above. That church on the other hand could be anywhere in Greece, up or down.

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Re: Up and Down

simply awesome pix!

Posted by: w0lfshade at February 26,2009 17:03
Re: Up and Down

Thank you w0lfshade! I'm simply enjoying myself taking pictures and getting around.

Posted by: betabug at February 26,2009 18:19
Re: Up and Down

Roger that w0lfshade! I can't say it any better.

Posted by: saad at February 28,2009 01:01
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