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05 March 2009

Easier locking of keypad on e71

One long click

Nokia phones have traditionally always been locking their keypads by hitting the top left key ("left softkey") and then the bottom left key (on the e71 "function key"). Which is nice and dandy, but once you had a phone with a real lock button or even hardware switch, it's just clumsy. Especially since those buttons have other jobs too, so it's easy to e.g. go into the applications menu by mistake.

There is a much better solution: Download the little freeware program mLock, assign it for example to a "long press" on the calendar key - where you can find it easily by touch. The funny thing is that this will work from any application, so now I can lock the keypad while I'm in IRC... locked keys but I can still follow what's happening online.

Now if I only could get the default auto-capitalization (aka auto-shift) to be turned off totally. I hate that stuff.

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