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23 March 2009

got earphones (again)

Earphones Nokia HS40... not HS47

I admit, I treated my earphones mean. They came with my phone (Nokia e71), they sounded ok, so I used them a lot. One day I pulled hard on the cord and they started to play only intermittently. I shouldn't have done that. I ordered a new pair from Last Wednesday I took my delivery. Half an hour later I opened the box and to my surprise they were stereo headphones with only one earpiece.

At first I thought I had ripped off one earpiece while opening the blister. But no, there were no dangling cables. A closer look revealed that the box contained a headset Nokia HS40. Which is not a stereo headset. The box clearly wrote HS47 - Stereo. Someone in China had put the wrong thing into the wrong box. Next morning I went back to the outlet. Patiently I explained a couple of times what had happened. I left the HS40 with them (had snapped a pic before) and they told me they would have to send it over to their technician "who will look up some serial numbers and such stuff". Right. Good luck to me and no music so far.

Saturday I received an SMS: "Your product has been replaced, you can come to pick it up." Good again, so this morning I went and indeed received a replacement. Going through the complaints moves wasn't the nicest experience ever, it took some time, but it wasn't that bad and in the end I got the product I had wanted.

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