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28 March 2009

Greek Independence Day

Pictures finally
Μπακαλιάρος με σκορδαλιά

Sometimes I joke that all Greek holidays and special days are marked by the fact that everybody eats the same things. Last Wednesday it was Μπακαλιάρος σκορδαλιά (Bakaliaros skordalia, codfish with garlic paste). I spent the day with good friends and ate a lot. Click for more pix.

Μπάρμπα Γιάννη στα Εξάρχεια

This very nice place is where we (graffic and me) had our fish. It's called Μπάρμπα Γιάννη (Barba Yanni) and it's a place with a long tradition of very good food in Exarheia. They have traditional Greek cooked foods (as opposed to grilled stuff). I've been going there for more than 20 years now.

After filling up with butter soft μπακαλιάρος, we went to have a coffee, enjoying the sunny day. Shortly after another friend joined us and when after some time there appeared some clouds in the sky, we decided to go some place else. Our friend showed us this former parking lot, that people from the area are transforming into a park, complete with children's playground and places to sit. It's amazing how good it looks when you open a little bit of space in Athens.

Parking turned into a park in Exarheia

We visited the park (click the image for larger view), then walked around looking for another place to hang out. The topic of tsipouro, ouzo, and other good things to drink came up. We walked the streets of Exarheia for a short while, discussing (amongst other things) where to go... and we ended up in another of my favorite places. I've written before about the ouzerie Lesvos and the place is as nice as it was then. With the help of the waiter we chose a brand of ouzo out of their collection, one that we hadn't tried before.

Having a chocolat at the 'petite fleur'

With the ouzo we had of course a few small dishes with food, μεζέδες (mezedes). Can't drink without nibbling at least at something small. Like some grilled octopus, marinated γαύρος (gavros, "european anchovy" according to wikipedia) and σαγανάκι (saganaki, fried cheese).

If that sounds like excess, what can I say. We somewhat reduced our calories intake after that. We only went for hot chocolates at the "Petite Fleur", a place I had seen on chloe's Things I Like page. The chocolates are huge and very good. The place is really beautiful. It's also really small, so you need some patience to get a table. All in all I believe that we celebrated the Greek independence in one of the best ways: By enjoying one the luxuries this country offers us, very good food, drink and places where you can enjoy company.

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