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02 April 2009

The Other Point of View: How does the drink feel?

Social behaviour
How a drink sees you

So you like going out for drinks? Ever considered how the drink thinks about it? How does your glass of booze/beer/wine/non-alcoholic-beverage-listed-for-completeness see you really?

In a stunning social study performed on one subject yesterday evening, me and my friends got some life pictures taken from the point of view of a glass of some beverage (names suppressed to protect the innocent).

It looked like a lot of people performed similar experiments yesterday, probably due to the exceptional warm weather for the season. It was just a nice evening to go out. Our gang happened to end up in the Gazi area, where some bars were not yet open, while others had lots of guests. We ended up a bit bored in a place that would get a mixed review if I could unslack enough to write a review. So what better than to play with my Pentax Optio W60 camera and take some improbable underwater-in-a-bar pix.

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