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06 April 2009

Bugs (or rather: Insects)

Funny little critters
Black ant up close

While I'm "debugging" a piece of code I wrote last Friday, I'll take a moment to publish some pictures I took on Saturday.

Today it's raining here, but on Saturday the weather was quite nice and warm, so I took the opportunity and went for a nice walk in the big park near my place. I took my camera with me, but didn't really have the intention to go for pictures. At some point I remembered the macro on the camera though, so when I saw some ants (ants are everywhere) I started some experiments.

Alsos Ilision park/forest in Athens

This is the park (or rather called an άλσος / alsos a small forest in Greek). It's really big enough to loose oneself in it, at least metaphorically. Go deep enough into it and you won't even hear the traffic any more. There aren't that many people visiting it, so it's relaxing really. (Click on this image for a bigger view.)

Macro shot of a red ant

The first few pics I took on some marble benches, where I sat in the sun. I held the camera steady, pointing approximately 45º down, with my hand resting on the marble. Then I waited for an ant to pass in front of the camera and pressed the shutter button. It took some tries to get something, because those ants move quite fast.

Worker ant carrying a piece of something (wood?)

I like this shot, because this ant is working: It's carrying something, maybe a piece of wood? Unfortunately the load is a bit unsharp due to movement. Still an amazing view into their little world.

Last picture here is a nice yellow flower. I have more or less stopped (or much reduced) taking pictures of flowers, because it's just too easy. I mean, come on, take a nice flower, stick your camera close to it and press the button and almost no matter what you do you get a nice picture. Too easy. Anyway, this one I took, without really spotting that there was something red on the flower. Turns out those red spots were some living little critters and they show up quite nice in the pic.

Yellow flower with some red critters on it

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