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07 April 2009

No Metro Service from Athens Airport till September

Stranger, when you come to Athens
out of order info display at Athens International Airport

On the (blue) metro line that is running from and to the Athens International Airport there are currently 3 new stations being built. Due to these works, Metro service to and from the Airport is not going to be there until September 2009. You can take the airport buses instead, they're easy to find and even cheaper than the special Metro ticket from the Airport.

I had heard about this many times, the information is all over the Athens Metro system. On Sunday, when I was at the airport I noticed something different though: While there are indeed enough bus schedules to move the people (at least now, I guess in summer they will have to upgrade the bus schedules a bit), the line on the ticket booth was quite long. Not "really, really annoying long", but quite long.

As an illustration there was also a dysfunctional information monitor above the line of waiting people, showing a typical Windows desktop.

Update September 2009: Everything is back in service!

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