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10 April 2009

Evening in Mykonos

Listening to Barry White

Here I am, for a long weekend on Mykonos. Since the tourist season is only just about to start, there aren't yet that many people. Still the place is much busier than the places I frequent. (...and yes, I have already heard the jokes about "watching my ass" etc.)

Took a lot of pictures already, till the battery on my cam ran out. This one here is taken with the phone cam in low resolution, since I have no program to resize pictures on the mobile. We're sitting in a bar in "little venice", all alone cuz it's much too early really. Looking out on the sea, enjoying a drink and lsitening to Barry White.

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Re: Evening in Mykonos

Just be careful with your rear :P

And don't forget to give some food to the pelican :D

Posted by: graffic at April 11,2009 10:54
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