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15 April 2009

Mykonos and Delos Panoramas

Wide view of these totally different islands
Looking sideways at "little venice" on Mykonos

Last weekend's trip resultet in a lot of pictures. Some of them were made to be stitched together to form a panorama.

The first one is a view from the side on the "little venice" area of Mykonos. I find the name "little venice" totally off, as the row of houses that are built onto the shoreline does not remind me of Venice at all, but whatever works for them. It's a nice enough area anyway. Well, it probably is much, much too crowded for my taste in the summer, off-season in spring it was nice and more or less quiet.

You can click on the image for a bigger view or click on "read more" to see the other panoramas.

Public toilets in Mykonos

These on the other hand are some of the public toilets in Mykonos. (That square thing built into the sea. No, not the open thing in the front, the one in the back with the little windows.) I didn't test them for cleanliness and fitness-for-purpose, I admit I'm a bad tourist guide tester. I just liked the graphicality of that wall with the cubic structure.

You might notice there are no partying people on the picture... I was quite content, that it was off-season (in case I haven't mentioned that already).

Sunset in Mykonos

On the other side of town, there was this little beach area, with this little white church (there are lots of little white churches on Mykonos). It happened to be sunset time when I passed by there, so here I stitched two pictures together. It was colder than it appeared on the picture. Still I managed to get a bit of color onto my face.

The famous windmills in Mykonos

Mykonos is quite famous for its windmills. They are photographed over and over by everybody. I did what everybody did and clicked the shutter whenever a windmill came into view, in this example at sunset.

The famous lion statues on Delos

Over from fashionable, partying Mykonos to Delos, an island mostly devoid of people, consisting of the distant memories of the people who once lived there.

This here are the famous lion statues... or I guess some reproductions, as I expect the originals to be in the museum. Where I didn't see them, because we had only 3 hours to see the island and that wasn't enough by far for all the nice spirit to pick up there and all the fantastic archeological stuff in the wonderful springtime flowers to see there.

View halfway up from the hill in Delos

Instead of going to the museum (which is btw an architectural atrocity, I sometimes had to avoid getting it into my photos) we went up the hill to have a nice overview. We didn't go all the way up, because we were running out of time and there was more stuff to see. There is a lot of remaining stuff on Delos, that will really give you an impression of what it was like.

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Re: Mykonos and Delos Panoramas

Very nice, especially the mysterious atmosphere of Delos!

Posted by: Simon at April 15,2009 22:47
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