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15 May 2009

First Swim of the Season

The weekend of the week on Naxos
betabug underwater, upsidedown

After a week of working in an old house on the island of Naxos, I think I was ready for a jolt of true summer feeling. I left work early on Friday afternoon and we went to pick up a rental car. After a little tour of the Χώρα (Hora, the main town) of Naxos (and finding a certain street with a special name, which I will write more about in a later post), we drove to a very good restaurant where they served us the first Moussakas of the season.

The background being that they don't make such in advance cooked foods before guests arrive who will actually eat and appreciate the stuff. The lady who makes this moussakas seems to use half goat milk to make the bechamel sauce used in the preparation. It was a wonderful dish, the place on the top only contested by the κεφτεδάκια (keftedakia, small meat balls), who were soft and spiced with wonderful herbs.

Having eaten a lot of good food, we drove to a sandy beach hidden behind some low cliffs. Since one shouldn't bath right after eating, we just slacked out in the late afternoon sun. When I felt I had digested enough and at the same time heated up enough, I went into the water. Wow, first swim of the season! It's still May, so the water was very cold at first. The feeling was great though, cooling down, floating. A bit more inside, I reached warmer areas of water and the swim became relaxed. Only problem: My waterproof camera ran out of battery soon after, I had forgotten to charge the battery. It was enough for some first experiments.

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