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25 May 2009

Chasing the Late Afternoon Sun

Some of the best light
Palm tree street scene in the late afternoon sun in Athens

Working steady hours results in a different light situation when I leave the office as we move through the circle of the seasons. In winter, I get home in darkness, in summer in bright daylight, same as most people. Currently, there are various levels of warm, late afternoon sun, which I chase with my camera.

It's simply some of the nicest light to take pictures in. Here I have three pictures taken more or less randomly, from my way home. Click on "continue" to see the other two.

A church glimmering in the sunlight at the end of the street

This church was glimmering in the sunlight at the end of the street. I spotted the sight, as I drove by in the bus. Hopped out, walked back, tried a few shots.

It's really at a point, where my camera is taxed hard, not enough telephoto power! But nevermind, I think I captured what I saw about "good enough" for me.

Tops of the pine trees glowing

Here I saw the topps of these majestic pine trees glowing. I think here I did the worst job of catching the moment, but I still like those trees. Even if the picture is not too impressive for you, it will remind me of the moment.

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