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27 May 2009

9th European Jazz Festival in Athens

At the Technopolis in Gazi

It's time again for the European Jazz Festival in Athens. The 9th edition is held again at the Technopolis in Gazi. I've been there last year, found some good music and a lot of people who were there for the party, not necessarily for the music. Not that that's a bad thing, everybody was enjoying themselves.

There seems to be no official site for the event, except for one page without any real info on the Athens city website. Only real information in there: Entrance is free! Anyway, due to proceedings I don't want to mention in detail in public, I got handed a program leaflet yesterday evening, so I'll type in the program titles, click on "continue" to see it.

So there we go.. Please note that I'm typing this in from the official booklet, but if there are any changes, I won't keep this program up to date. Also you'll have to figure out what's what yourself, I'm not going to type in all the blurbs from the booklet! :-)

Wednesday 27.5.

21:00 Grand opening with the "Big Band" of the municipality of Athens

22:00 Benni Chaves (Denmark)

23:00 Ángela Tröndle & Mosaik (Austria)

Thursday 28.5.

21:00 Nordic Sounds (Estland)

22:00 Teun Verbruggen "Warped Dreamer" (Belgium)

23:00 Γιάννης Κασσέτας (Yannis Kassetas) & the funk wizards (Greece)

Friday 29.5.

21:00 Jerez-Texas (Spain)

22:00 Wired Paradise (Netherlands)

23:00 Marco di Gennaro & Luca Velotti Duo (Italy)

Saturday 30.5.

21:00 Kaisa Kulmala-Trio (Finland)

22:00 Miriam Bayle Band (Czech Republic)

23:00 Maria João Quartet (Portugal)

Sunday 31.5.

21:00 The David Kollar Band (Slovakia)

22:00 Maxime Bender Group (Luxembourg)

23:00 Eved-Fenyvesi Quarted (Hungary)

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