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03 June 2009

Greek Urban Surrealism

Ελληνικός αστικός σουρεαλισμός, as named by Panos
Workplace of the "parkadoros"

My friend Panos names these things as "ελληνικός αστικός σουρεαλισμός" (ellinikos astikos sourrealismos) - "Greek urban surrealism". Those spots of life where things go that little extra step that make them "get out of hand". We're pretty much used to these things here in Athens, we'll just look and walk by, often times not even notice or just do as much as chuckle. But quite often if you keep your eyes open and then really think about it for a moment... life and people here produce bizarre stuff really. A few posts back I already offered an example.

There used to be a time when parking lot guardians had little transistor radios. They were parking your car in front of that restaurant and then watching over the lot like a modern version shepherd. While they sat around doing that (i.e. nothing) they listened to the match on that squeaky radio. This guy here went a step further. He installed a portable LCD tv, complete with remote control and "suck on" antenna (antenna unfortunately not pictured). Coincidentally this scene was found less than 50m from and at the same time as the previous example. Maybe there is a strong surrealism force field at that spot?

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Re: Greek Urban Surrealism

I expect that in the near future all idle-time trades such as this will shift to some kind of Facebook-only computer, accessing the net through Wi-Fi... The TV will be obsolete.

Posted by: Panos at June 03,2009 12:08
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