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09 June 2009

Kartoffelpuffer My Breakfast!

Dunno if it's healthy, but it's good!
Good old fashioned Kartoffelpuffer

If one morning you find yourself in the possession of some left over mashed potatoes from the evening before, then I have a breakfast idea for you. Take whatever your dinner guests didn't manage, put in some eggs and fry in a lot of butter or olive oil (or even an olive oil and butter mix if you want the butter flavor and the olive oil healthy good feeling)... you just made some nice "Kartoffelpuffer" (potato pancakes).

The quantity of eggs added makes the difference: if you have too little egg and the mashed potatoes are mashed really fine, the "Kartoffelpuffer" stay too fluid. I ended up with about 2 eggs for one deep plate of mashed potatoes. Frying needs a lot of heat if your pan is teflon (but it makes trying certainly easier). Fry one side till you see the corner get brown, then turn around and do the other side.

Wonderful to eat with: Honey, marmalade, cottage cheese, apple compott or apple sauce ("Apfelmuss"). Works as a side dish for dinner too. As a breakfast it gives you a lot of energy to last for a good day's work.

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