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11 June 2009

Moved to New Garage

Workplace in the Sky
laptop at new office

Last Friday our company moved to our new offices. We're on the 7th floor, with a great view over a lot of Athens. No, we can't see the Acropolis, there's a building in between, but if we go up on the roof we can see it.

There's still a lot of things to do, some furniture hasn't arrived yet. My computer is placed on a "borrowed" place, on someone else's desk. Except that in this office I can really sit and work wherever I want. There will be some sofas (still to arrive), some coffee tables (still to arrive) and some regular desks to work at.

Instead of an office phone, I've got the SIP phone client on my Nokia e71 set up to connect to the office PBX. One less device to carry around or place on a desk. I could run a SIP client on the laptop too, but I find the mobile more practical.

We've got a nice, clean, climatized server room too now. Makes a huge difference when server's aren't just standing around in a rack in some corner of a workroom.

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Re: Moved to New Garage

Γουστάρω το φραπόγαλο του συνάδελφου σου δίπλα από το Μάκη.

Posted by: Panos at June 11,2009 16:06
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