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15 June 2009

Schaltkreis Wassermann @ Benaki

Schaltkreis Wassermann playing at the Benaki Museum in Athens

This weekend I had visitors from Switzerland. The electronic music group Schaltkreis Wassermann - good friends from back in Switzerland - came for a gig at the synch festival. They played on Sunday evening in the atrium of the (new) Benaki museum on Pireus Street.

Appart from the concert we went out for food & drinks with them, got them to visit the Acropolis and a few other places in Athens, went one other evening with them to the synch festival. The festival itself I wasn't really so enthusiastic about. At the main venue in the Gazi, the sound from the two stages clashed. It also happened not to be something I liked too much, whatever it was that was playing at the moment. In other words: I didn't really warm up to the sound.

The Schaltkreis Wassermann gig was a bit different there: I had previously heard only some pieces, but I like their music now. I was also quite occupied, as I got handed a DSLR camera (some Canon thing) and was busy taking psychedelic pictures by forcing a long exposure and zooming around (ok, I took some more "serious" pictures too). The pic here is taken with my own little "toy" camera though.

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Re: Schaltkreis Wassermann @ Benaki

of coz we also want the psy pix!!

Posted by: w0lf at June 17,2009 22:53
Re: Schaltkreis Wassermann @ Benaki

... as soon as I get that CD, man!

Posted by: betabug at June 18,2009 10:10
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