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17 June 2009

This was a green hill 2 days ago

Suspected arson
Burnt hill on the Ymittos range in Ano Glyfada

Two days ago this hill on the Ymittos range in Ano Glyfada was still green. It's trees and bushes were providing fresh air and lowering the temperature of the local area. On the early afternoon of Monday something (or likely: someone) started a fire, with the heavy wind powering up the flames to consume a series of hills. The fire passed very quick over this hill, that's why some of the trees are still standing.

There is a large suspicion that this fire was started by arson, in order to gain land to build and turn a criminal profit. With the heavy wind this turned into a big catastrophe. In some places the fire stopped only some meters from houses, due to the wind shifting at the last moment. The fire being started on such a windy day is a grave condition, personally I believe that it was calculated in. When the destruction is very great, the fire brigade can not concentrate their effort on the piece of land the criminals try to gain control of.

For more than a day after this, there were small fires still popping up on the burnt slopes. In the beginning everywhere, in a very dense pattern, occasionally turning into big fires that burnt for hours. Yesterday I observed one more small fire in the dark, that was extinguished after a wihle, presumably by firemen and two other suspected fires that disappeared fast.

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