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18 June 2009

Euro-Elections: More Greek Urban Surrealism

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While most of Europe (and Greece along with it) showed the lowest participation in any Euro elections and others take things really serious, there seem to be some for whom it's all just a game - something like a couple of football teams to root for.

This young lady left a lasting impressions one or two days before the election Sunday, when I saw her in the subway, dressed in a short skirt partially made with a party flag and carrying another party flag. Her attire was suitably party-style too... but the other kind of "party".

Obvioulsy I tried to snap some pictures, but stupid me had forgotten the camera's ISO setting on 100 ISO (for some long exposure shots) and there wasn't enough light for that in the Metro station. The picture has some movement blur, but with a bit of tweeking this daily surreal scene from Athens life (ελληνικός αστικός σουρεαλισμός, ellinikos astikos sourrealismos, term coined by libero) is viewable I believe.

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