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21 June 2009

From the Mountain to the Beach

On and on the path goes on

Yesterday after our rest we continued upwards. After a few hours we reached the peak. It had fooled me a couple of times, as I was thinking "this is it, just this more steep climb" and another view opened, showing a higher peak.
Finally we had reached it, took some pictures. We enjoyed the panoramic view of the Evian range, the islands around, even Attika.
Finally we descended and clambered down the path that is strewn with loose stones. An hour later we collapsed in the tiny shade under a small rock standing all alone. A few fruits, water and finally some real food put some more power into us.
We needed it. We had a nice shady valley to go down, on a good path following a nice brook. But the path went on and on and our packs and feet were not getting lighter.
The sea, where we were planning to camp didn't seem to get any closer as time passed.
We took another longer rest where there were a few small waterfalls and basins. Some of us even went swimming in the cold water.
We then finally reached our friends at a tavern at 9 in the evening, having walked since 7 in the morning. Food, setting up the tents, sleeping and waking up to a day relaxing at the beach.

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