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21 June 2009

Traffic Jam in the Village

System failure

These cars are not parked. They're the traffic jam of cars waiting for the ferry boat back to Attika and therefore Athens.
Athens is a nice enough place, but of course people want to go to nicer, fresher places for the weekend. While not everybody leaves town at the same time, most people return Sunday evening to be Monday at work.
Result: lots of traffic jams. Usually at the entrances to the city limits, but sometimes - as here - in some remoter places that are traffic choke points. Like this village with a small ferry connection where we're on our way back from the mountain and the sea.

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Re: Traffic Jam in the Village

Nice picture and accompanying story. It really gives the impression that the cars are parked. The "perspective arrow" created by the car line to the guy standing on the road reinforces this impression.

Posted by: saad at June 29,2009 13:46
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