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26 June 2009

Metro Art

An installation by George Zongolopoulos
Installation in the Athens Metro Syntagma station by George Zongolopoulos

There are many sculptures and art pieces in the Athens Metro system. Some of it I pass quite often, sometimes even daily. Some other things are more well hidden.

A few weeks ago, going a path and direction I never took before, in the Syntagma station, I came across this installation. It is by the sculptor George Zongolopoulos (Γιώργος Ζογγολόπουλος, 1903-2004).

It struck me as very beautiful, a piece of art that you can look at and loose yourself within. I would have liked it if this was in some place where I passed more often. I believe I would stop and look each time.

In case you can't make head or tails from my picture: The installation seems to be in some kind of ventilation shaft. The passengers walk right underneath it, some of them not even noticing that there is something above them. Look up though and you will notice a round window to the sky, silver coated walls and an assortment of "flying" objects. Every little move of your position will change the light, the positions of the objects, the reflections.

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Re: Metro Art

I pass under this work of art whenever I take the metro to go home. ;) Unless I'm mistaken the top of the installation can be found near the cafe on your left hand, as you climb up the stairs of Syntagma sq exit.

Posted by: Maria at June 26,2009 21:45
Re: Metro Art

Fscking awesome!

Posted by: saad at June 29,2009 13:42
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