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28 June 2009

Open Air Art

Another scultpure by George Zongolopoulos in Paleo Psychiko
sculpture by George Zongolopoulos in Paleo Psychiko / Athens

Speaking of the art of George Zongolopoulos (Γιώργος Ζογγολόπουλος), there is another of his works which I have seen. Some weeks ago I went to my friend indyone's (Yannis) marriage. On the way to the church in Παλαιό Ψυχικό (Palaio Psychiko), I came across this thing. I had no idea what it was, but saw it as beautiful.

Only when I searched about the artist for the previous post, did I notice that what I had seen and pictured was one more of his works.

It was by chance a very good moment to take pictures of this sculpture. The afternoon sun highlights the metal beams in front of the trees. Art in public places is quite often not understood, people see it as "this strange thing" or even ridicule things. OK, myself I might not like every piece of art displayed on streets and places. But sometimes I come across something that just looks good, seems to have spirit. In those moments I can appreciate art, no matter if I "know" anything about it or not.

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Re: Open Air Art

This is art the way I like it. Thanks for the beautiful pic.

Posted by: saad at June 29,2009 13:48
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