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06 July 2009

Petralona Subway Train Station Out of Service

Reworking one of the tracks
One of the tracks under construction in the Petralona Train station in Athens

On my way to work this morning I took a different route, which had me pass by the Petralona (Πετράλωνα) station of the (ΗΣΑΠ) line 1 of the Athens Metro system. As you can see, one of the tracks is being completely reconstructed. It also looks like that will still take some time to finish. I like the area around the station. It has a very laid back, relaxed mood. There are some cafes and shops, but all in a quiet way. It's a nice way to get to work.

That station is currently out of service, the line is under reconstruction (see the announcement, which gives only the start date of the works). Trains pass the station, but they don't stop there. There are also some longish delays on the line.

If you need to get to Petralona, there are at least 2 options: Either get off at Tavros station, take the special bus 012 (which starts a short walk away from the station, as usual without signs in which direction you have to walk). Or you can take the Metro to Syggrou-Fix, walk a very short walk (up Δράκου/Drakou street, till Βεϊκού/Veikou street) and take the Trolley Nr. 15.

Update September 2009: The station is back in service in the direction to Kifisia. When you come from direction Kifisia and want to get out at Petralona, get off at Tavros instead and take the waiting train back to Petralona.

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Re: Petralona Subway Train Station Out of Service

Hello, I hope you will be willing to help me with this question : I was told the subway is not working in Athens in August 2009, due to renovation works. Is it true ? I will need to travel from the airport to the Pireus port, and was hoping to use the subway to get to Piraeus...
Thank you, so very much, in advance, for your answer !
Noëlle Leveque,

Posted by: at July 15,2009 01:41
Re: Petralona Subway Train Station Out of Service

Salut Noëlle !

Please have a look at the post titled No Metro Service from Athens Airport till September. It's not all the Metro that is out of order, it's just one part of one line: the one that goes to the airport. You can take the airport bus instead (and switch to the Metro at a later point to get to Pireus faster).

Posted by: betabug at July 15,2009 09:04
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