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17 July 2009

Garage Summer Towel

The "not a t-shirt" year
The "ibeach" bag containing the summer towel

Going for a swim? My employer, the famous Graphics Garage usually sends out a bunch of funny / cool / interesting t-shirts to customers at the start of summer. This is a little business gift to let everybody remember that we're off for usually 2 weeks when all the rest of Greece is off too.

Well, this year the ideas ran into a different direction: We're sending out beach towels, complete with our "bolt" logo. Packaged in a nice little bag that you can sling on like a primitive backpack. Click on "continue reading" to see the towel itself...

Towel with the "vida" or "bolt" logo

OK, I probably should have taken a day off to properly picture the towel on a nice beach somewhere. But hey, our new office is nice too! The back side of the towel has the "bolt" in black on a white background, there's choices!

Now please let me get back to my calendar to count the days till I hit the sea...

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Re: Garage Summer Towel

Hope you kept one for us :pppp

Posted by: thundera at July 28,2009 00:15
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