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21 July 2009

Off the Net Again

Cut a little bit here and there

For a very long time, the Internet connection at my home was working just so very fine. We're talking years now. Last week it decided to stop doing that. All the usual incantations of shutting down and restarting the router and other devices wouldn't help. I went and checked (and changed) cables... nothing.

So, off to do the boring deed of calling the provider (Vivodi), ah the joys of talking to the call center. Predictably they told me to do the same thing (the off/on game), check the cables, reset the router. Nothing. Then they asked me for my mobile number, as they would check things and call me back. Which they didn't. I kept on calling them day by day.

Today they told me, that there is a broken cable, a few meters from the telephone exchange (or however that is called) on the way to my house. Yeah, right, and that's why it's only our appartment that has the problem. Anyway, they have given a trouble ticket to OTE, which "owns" the last mile. I tell the guy in the call center: "So it's a matter of weeks now" and he responds "no no, just a few days". Yeah, right. Wish me luck, it being summer and all and digging in the streets being an ugly business when it's hot and when all the workers are on vacation. Assuming the story can actually be believed. Good for me that I have the means to get a connection over my mobile phone to post about it.

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