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24 July 2009

Authenticating Multiple Subdomains with CookieCrumbler

Patch a litte bit here and there

When Zope 2 devs want to provide users with an HTML login form, the tool to use is Shane Hathaway's CookieCrumbler product. On one of our sites, I wanted users to be able to authenticate with one login form to multiple subdomains:,, Which, by the HTTP cookie specification is possible (it's not possible to have a cookie work on and - there have to be 2 dots in the domain). The CookieCrumbler code didn't allow for this, so I hacked a little patch together...

Basically the patch adds a "cookie_domain" property and the associated code to set the "domain" setting on the auth cookie. The property you set to "" (for our example). The web server will then deliver the same auth cookie to all * domains. Remember to use SSL for all logged in pages.

Download the patch and apply with the usual patch -p0 < cookiecrumbler_domain.patch in the CookieCrumbler product folder. Since I wrote this patch against a CC that was already patched with the "log auth names to the access log" patch, it might not apply clean to a stock CC. In that case you'll need to manually clean things up a bit.

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Re: Authenticating Multiple Subdomains with CookieCrumbler

To log login in zope access log, I now use

Posted by: Vincent Fretin at August 14,2009 11:31
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