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08 August 2009

Rounding up two Naxos workweeks

2 Weeks of work come to an end
Underwater landscape off Naxos

So, this is the last evening of the two weeks I spent working on Naxos. In the end it turned out to be two productive weeks. I'd have liked to stay on, first because of the beautiful surroundings, and then, because my work had just picked up a lot of steam. The last few days I was pumping out code real good. Well, I'll go and try to pick up with the same speed again where I left off!

Connected to the net

The "Internet via mobile phone" plan worked out well during those two weeks. A couple of times I had problems connecting, usually due to some hickup in the bluetooth line of connection. At first I had planned to tether the phone (Nokia e71) to the computer by USB cable. That setup had worked well during testing from home, but for some odd reason it didn't work at all once I arrived here. Contrary, the bluetooth tethering setup worked fine almost all the time.

Besides the occasional lockup I managed to run the phone out of battery a few times too. The battery is big, but running bluetooth and 3G modem full for hours a few days after each other... at some point the battery was empty, big surprise.

Relaxing swims after work

I succeeded to go for swims on the weekends and a few times in the evenings. Didn't work on my tan as much as if I'd been here on vacation, but who cares... being able to work like this is wonderful. Besides, August is a bit of a mixed bag for vacations here. On the one hand, yeah, the weather is nice, it's warm and the sea is just what you need this time of year. On the other hand, everybody else had the same idea, so things tend to be a bit crowded.

Miniature shells on my finger

These two fellows sitting on my finger (I hope you can guess the scale, they are minuscule) and a little, little pile of similar shells we found on a little beach, combing through the sand. They are so small, but their "painting" is so full of detail. If man set out to design something as beautiful, it would not turn out so well.


In general my camera (Pentax Optio W60) took a lot of diving time in the sea. In parallel, on the evenings where I stayed on dry land, it worked equally well in landscape photography. This camera does not have the best optical quality and the chip size is quite small, but nonetheless I managed to get the light of the late afternoon, early evening "into the box" a few times. If I could wish for something in this camera, instead of better optics or "more megapixels" (yeah, big bulls* whatever), I'd wish for a higher dynamic range. It's hard to get the last sunlight spots on a little, white country church and the shade under the olive trees into one exposure.

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Re: Rounding up two Naxos workweeks

Does your camera have an exposure bracketing mode? (a mode where your camera takes a shot then it takes two more: one under and one over exposed) If so, you can use the set of 3 pictures to create a high dynamic range image then you adjust the highlights and shaddows such that you final tone mapped image has neither very dark nor very white areas.

Posted by: Aris at August 10,2009 08:20
Re: Rounding up two Naxos workweeks

Hey Aris! Well, my camera does have an exposure bracketing mode and I've used it a couple of times these days to take pictures for HDR processing (not done any of the processing yet). But I used it only when I took pictures with my mini-tripod. I'm not sure the software could deal with hand held bracketed pictures.

I think one of the trends in digital photography will go into more dynamic range - the megapixel myth is almost completely busted and the camera makers will have to go somewhere. If only "more dynamic range" was as easily quantifiable!

Posted by: betabug at August 10,2009 12:56
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