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09 August 2009

August Travels

Take the slow boat

Travelling in the cyclades in August means that it can happen that you don't find tickets to go where you wanted. So if you want to get back to Athens on a Sunday... better book a while in advance. Otherwise it might happen that you are on a slower boat, doing 3 stops and reaching Rafina instead of Piraeus, like I am doing right now.

The good thing about this boat I'm on is, that it's a real boat: you can sit outside on the windy deck and see the aegean pass by. The "Aqua Jewel" even has a top deck open to passengers, something that a lot of greek ferries have stopped having.

Given the time this trip will take, we will likely even see a nice sunset on the sea. Can't have that on a superhighspeed ferry, even if you get home earlier.

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Re: August Travels

well i guss sometimes some things are blessings in disguise!

enjoy the slow ride while enjoying the open deck and catching the setting sun...


Posted by: Geotacs at August 13,2009 10:32
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