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10 May 2005

May 1st Postponed Due to Popular Demand

How is that for being weird and peculiar?

Incredible but true: May 1st was postponed to may 11th in Greece, because the "real" may 1st fell on the same day with greek easter. The notion of postponing a date is new to me. Next time you miss your project deadline on (say) October 4th, you just declare October 4th to happen on October 26th.

I'm not sure if I will get the day May 1st/11th off, since not everybody goes with the move. Obviously all public services, schools and universities will close. Any chance to slack will do for them. Especially open is the question of public transport. If I can't go to work by subway and bus, I might have to take the bicycle. Another adventure awaits the traveller.

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