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19 August 2009

Back from Switzerland

...and Germany and France and Italy

I'm back in Athens for now, arrived yesterday night. In the 7 days in Switzerland, I walked up (and down) one mountain (2509m), took the Bernina-Express where I saw a big bunch of other mountains. On Sunday I had gone to Basel, where I visited the Giacometti-Exhibition at the Beyeler museum. After that I had gone to eat "schwäbisch" in Germany, then for a refreshing drink over to France.

On Monday, the Bernina-Express had taken me to Tirano in Italy. After all that "looking at mountains", I was hungry, so I went to eat some fine italian food at a restaurant behind the cathedral. I left there well fed and satisfied with the quality... and a bit late. I had misremembered the time that the train back leaves, so I had 4 minutes left till the departure. I decided to go for it and ran about 1100m in 4 minutes, with a full belly in 33ºC. As I jumped inside and the train door closed behind me, the train left.

Leaving Switzerland for Greece was much easier: I was early at the train station, early at the airport and in August in the middle of the night, the airport bus didn't encounter any traffic.

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Re: Back from Switzerland

Woha ... 1100m in 4 minutes. That's almost 17 km/h!!! You should get your name in the Guinness Book, given your full belly and the hot weather ;-)

Posted by: saad at August 20,2009 11:00
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