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22 August 2009

Raising the Garage Flag on Naxos

Once more!
Me, raising the Graphics Garage flag/towel on the beach at Naxos

After scrambling around Switzerland for one week, it's quite the change to be back on the island of Naxos. I've got a few precious days of vacation left, after that it's back to work. Not too bad to be working here though. Since I'm with a bunch of more people this time, we'll probably have a rented car, so I'll be able to hit the beach in the late afternoon after work too.

As can be seen on this pic, I'm raising the flag of the Graphics Garage here on Naxos. Actually it's a towel, since every hitch hiker to the Galaxy should always have a towel with him! Naxos is slightly cooler than at the end of July and start of August (yesterday night I put on a sweater when we sat outside for a drink). But then the water is slightly warmer, which is good enough for an exchange.

So, no matter what's ahead, life is good for the moment. I'll work a bit on my tan, a lot more on my code... and I'll enjoy the good sleep and fresh air of the country side!

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