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01 September 2009

Swimming with a Sea Turtle

A few hours after the octopus meeting
Sea turtle swimming above the sand

Last Sunday, after my meeting with the Octopus, I was lazily lying in the sand, working on my tan, when a friend called out from the water. At first I didn't notice, but finally I made my way into the water, still thinking that it was all a joke. When I arrived, I heard that there was a sea turtle Caretta Caretta. I dived down and after only a second or two, I was able to spot it. It was such a beautiful thing! Majestically gliding through the depth.

We swam along the turtle for about 15 to 20 minutes. The turtle did not appear to be bothered by our presence, still I was trying not to be too bothersome, not to get too close etc. (especially when it came up to breath). At the same time I was trying to get a good picture and enjoy the experience. Busy moments, but wonderful!

Sea turtle caretta caretta from the side

The beach we were at is usually crowded by surfers and kite surfers. It has a lot of wind, so they put up a big spectacle there. Normally it's not the place to go for a swim, but that particular day, there was little wind. Still during the day there were a lot of people around. At the time when the turtle appeared, most of the surfers were packing up though, the afternoon was getting late. I don't know if the turtle sensed less activity and appeared, or if it just didn't care at all. After all, it was there a loooong time before the surfers.

The turtle was moving along the lenght of the beach, maybe 15 to 20 meters out. The three of us were swimming along without problems, the turtle was moving slowly and majestetically through the waters, gliding, giving a push with the front "legs" here and there, in general not displaying any haste.

I took some pictures, dived little stretches to take more pix and to have a good look and enjoy the company. At some point my camera started to act up though: the shutter button had jammed. I couldn't take any more pictures and none of the buttons would react (except to power down the camera). Damn! In between following the turtle I tried to get some sense into the piece of digital plastic, trying about any button presses I could, short of taking the battery out (which I couldn't do while in the water).

Sea turtle swimming above the sand

At one point, while I was fiddling with the camera, the turtle was right under our feet. It was the moment to take a good picture of the shell, all together with the moss and sea plants that stuck there. Too bad I was only able to save the picture to my mind.

After we had traversed most of the width of the beach with the turtle, we decided to say good bye to this wonderful sea animal and leave it alone in it's world.

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Re: Swimming with a Sea Turtle

Good photos diving, turtle seems to be big, that was funny, sure :P

Posted by: r0sk at September 02,2009 10:07
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