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12 September 2009

Autumn Facts

Some notes

It's been ages since I've written anything. So here are some quick facts. It's a bit more than a week now that I'm back in Athens. The first days were a shock: the smog was thick, it was warm and sticky and much more nervous than on Naxos. Then the weather started to cool down. Finally 2 days now it rains. Surprising enough, it's autumn now. Usually this time of year is warm and mild.
I'm also looking for a flat, only for myself. No more shared flats for me right now. Work, on the other hand, is demanding, with a project that is urgent.
Got my old camera from Switzerland. Took the first pix. Now looking for where to process. It sure has become an elite hobby, with associated price tag. Everybody is ofcoz doing digital now, that's why. I'm enjoying the old fashioned style, but have yet to see my first results.

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Re: Autumn Facts

Any chance crappy ol' phone that made those awesomely eery pictures makes an appareance too? :-)

Posted by: saad at September 13,2009 22:05
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