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13 September 2009

Wu in Athens

Cow meeting

Yesterday evening Wu from #bsdcow arrived in Athens. Graffic and me picked him up from the Airport, then we went for food and Ouzo.
Today everybody woke up late. We had relaxed breakfast, then went out to see the area around the Akropolis. Right now we're sitting in a cafe, listening to some indy tunes while Wu waits to try his first greek "frappé" (cold coffee).

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Re: Wu in Athens

Hey nice to see having good time guys! Wu, give a big hug to bebu from me OK?

Posted by: saad at September 13,2009 22:04
Re: Wu in Athens

Sounds good, and (as I can see in the photo) weather is fine too, enjoy Athens, Ouzo and the great company Wu :D.

Posted by: r0sk at September 14,2009 02:04
Re: Wu in Athens

there's only one thing I can add:

Posted by: w0lfshade at September 17,2009 02:02
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