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29 April 2017

Das Krokodil in der Wand und anderes Schlängelzeugs

Eine kleine Schlange, die giftig aber nicht aggressiv ist

Normalerweise ist ja eher die Astrid die Expertin was Natur auf Naxos angeht. Mir begegnet zwar des öfteren diverses Kriech- und Fleuch-Zeugs auf meinen Spaziergängen, aber ich weiss dann meistens nicht was es ist. Als mir die obenstehende Schlange begegnete, nur ein paar Schritte von meiner Haustür, wusste ich, dass die einzige giftige Schlange so ein kleines Teil ist. Die grossen sind alle ungiftig. Die hier war vielleicht 20cm lang und wurde später als das Giftviech identifiziert. Wirklich gefährlich ist sie doch nicht, denn sie ist nicht aggressiv und auch beim ersten Biss ist oft kein Gift dabei. Nachfolgend nochmal ein weiteres Foto des gleichen Tiers und weitere Findlinge...

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31 March 2017

fstail in ZODB

Just a little peep into the inner workings

Back in my Zope days, I once hunted for some writes to the ZODB being too big. I wrote a post called "Quasi-Normal in Numbers" about the experience. Back then I checked the size of the Data.fs file in the file system.

Nowadays I'm more into using Pyramid instead of Zope, I still use the ZODB (what can I say, it works well for me). And I still get sometimes the problem that a write puts in too many Bytes (or even kBytes) into the DB.

I've moved ahead though: Instead of checking the size of the database file on the file system, I discovered fstail. It's a little script that examines the end of the DB file and displays the last 10 transactions. (By default, actually you can use the parameter -n to get more). I didn't find any documentation of it, so I had to read the source and figur it out as good as I could.

So far I haven't solved today's problem, but I managed to solve a small sub-problem: I had some transactions that were committed by my code, and I couldn't identify them in the output. So today I learned to put some info onto that transaction:

url = getattr(request, 'url', 'no url')
note = "mymethod %s " % (url,)
transaction.get().setUser(user, path='')

With this I can at least identify which of the transactions are caused by manually committing the transaction in my code at that spot.

Note: fstail comes with ZODB, so in my Pyramid virtualenv, it's already in the virtualenv's bin directory, ready to use: fstail -n 20 /path/to/Data.fs.

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27 February 2017

Start of Spring

It's getting warmer, now for some more rain!
Almond tree in flowers

I'm not really active on this poor weblog. Somehow the desire to write stuff isn't there. But since I decided that I should write at least one post per month and February is almost over, let's have a look at what I'm up to lately.

Two things have picked up a bit: Work and cycling. At work I had a very good sprint with the international pizza team in November, then a good off-time over the holidays and new year, and then I managed to work on some interesting parts of the project, so the spirit is high.

In cycling, on the one hand I felt as if I hadn't really done very much during winter. I tried to put in about 100km / 5 hours per week. Mostly I was taking it easy, and mostly I wasn't in the shape for more than taking it easy. On the other hand as a swiss friend who visited last week remarked: "Hey, you rode all winter!" Indeed I did. I even had a few snowflakes fall on me one day.

Last year we didn't really have much of a winter, except for 3 days of snow around new years. Last February it was so warm that I was riding some days with short sleeves, without even a base layer underneath. The result of that winter was a very dry summer. This year there is a bit more rain so far. Not enough yet, but there is still hope (knocks on wood). We also had plenty of cold days - at least for our standards here. So when it's something like 14 - 16°C now for a week, it feels really nice.

The almond trees are in flower, and there are yellow flowers all over the green fields. It really looks like we're at the start of spring here on the island!

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12 January 2017

Zas mit Schnee

Mein erster Aufstieg
Der bebu auf dem Zas

Am ersten Januar lag auf dem Zas (mit 1004m der höchste Berg auf Naxos) noch Schnee. Ich war noch nie oben gewesen, obwohl ich nun schon einige Jahre immer wieder auf Naxos zu Besuch war und ich jetzt auch noch hier wohne. Der Aufstieg ist von der von uns gewählten Seite ganz einfach. Etwa 400 Höhenmeter waren zu überwinden. Der einzige Punkt an dem mich meine Akrophobie etwas plagte war der Gipfel selbst, aber auch dort war es nicht allzu schlimm. Wir hatten Glück dass es nicht windig war.

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10 January 2017

Oh, yes, almost forgot... Happy New Year 2017! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

Had to count on my fingers how old this weblog is

So yes, this blog isn't as active as it used to be. To the level that it's January 10th and now I'm writing my new year's post. Sigh. It's also the birthday of the blog itself. I had to count on my fingers how old it is. Which was difficult, given I don't have 12 fingers. So yes, 12 years of ch-athens. It's been a while.

2016 on the blog started with snow and a lot of activity. I had gotten some new power and was posting regularly in January and February, but then ran out of steam in March. From then on, it was pretty much a 1 or 2 posts per month thing. But well, that's just what it is right now.

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29 December 2016

Snow and Rain

Whatever way the water comes down, it's welcome
Light powdering of snow on the Fanari mountains of Naxos

After last year's dry winter, this year any water coming from the sky is even more welcome. Currently it's been raining for 2 days, and there is a chance that there is more rain in the next 2 days too.

In fact, some of the water is coming down as snow or at least a snow/rain mix. For raising the water table, snow is said to be more useful than rain, as it doesn't run off so fast, it has more time to soak in when the snow melts. I'm not sure this makes much difference with these low levels we have right now. Last year we had 3 days of snow around New Year. It's unlikely that things will develop this way now, the preview says temperatures will go up slightly again.

Personally I had planned to go to town today, to pick up a package and have a lazy morning, reading and drinking hot chocolate in a cafe. Given the current conditions, I have postponed it and am drinking tea at home now. As houses in Greece don't have good insulation, it's a bit fresh inside, but with some extra pullovers on, it's nice and cozy.

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29 November 2016

Tired Pony

Broken down old car
Broken down Citroën Pony in Greek telephone company OTE colors

There is certainly not a lack of old, broken down cars in these parts. Most of them are tastefully hidden in some garden, but some are near to the road.

One example is this Namco / Citroën Pony. It's standing at the local base of the OTE telephone company (used to be a state monopol). There is some good company of retired public payphones to make almost an open air technology museum with it.

The Pony was based on the Citroën 2CV. It was manufactured or assembled in Thessaloniki.

As a former 2CV driver, I like seeing this Pony. Even if I don't really like the poor shape it's in. Greece has mostly gotten rid of these old, simple cars. It's really rare to see one anywhere. I remember coming to the 2CV world meeting to Greece in 1999, and even back then there weren't many Ponys around. The only one at the world meeting was from outside of Greece.

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22 October 2016

Bean Soup

It's not *that* cold yet, but a soup starts to be nice
Traditional greek bean soup "φασολάδα" (fasolada)

It's not really winter yet and only a little bit like autumn. There are still lots of warm days. But temperatures have gone down, so soups are more in culinary fashion for us. A while ago we were at Boulamatsis in Naxos Town (Μπουλαμάτσης), a typical μαγειρείων (mageireion), meaning a restaurant for traditional cooked foods (ie not a place to get grilled meats) and they had Φασολάδα (fasolada, traditional greek bean soup). We went again a few days later when I wanted some, but then they didn't have it.

So about a week ago, we had some at home. It's not the simplest of foods to cook, but when done well, it's just awesome in my regards. Normally something to eat in cold weather, but at the long end of the summer, I'm just so looking forward for this kind of food, even if it might not fully be "in season".

Another interesting fact is that this bean soup is the "national dish" of Greece. Not Mousakas, not Souvlaki, but a "simple" bean soup. Even though Wikipedia claims it shares that throne with Mousaka and Souvlaki, the "sources" for these are some random articles on the web. The source for Fasolada being the national dish of Greece is an actual lexicon entry.

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03 October 2016

Grüezi mitenand!

Vorhin auf dem Dorf

Als ich heute Mittag einen kleinen Spaziergang zum Briefkasten [1] machte, kamen mir auf dem Rückweg ein paar Touristen entgegen. Nicht weiter ungewöhnlich, liegt das Dorf doch auf einem halbwegs bekannten Wanderweg. Auf dem Dorfweg hörte ich sie bevor ich sie sah, und was ich hörte war eindeutig Schweizerdeutsch. Als ich die beiden Wanderer (komplett mit Wanderschuhen und Stöcken) dann auf mich zukommen sah, grüsste ich sie spontan... auf Schweizerdeutsch: "Grüezi mitenand!" Resultat: Die beiden Wanderer waren wohl sprachlos, denn ich bekam keine Erwiderung.

Ich grüsse ja normalerweise auf Griechisch und auch da kommt es bei Touristen schon mal vor, dass ich nicht zurück gegrüsst werde. Es gibt Leute, die sind wohl aus der grossen Stadt und die sind es deshalb wohl nicht gewohnt gegrüsst zu werden. Andere können kein Griechisch und die grüssen dann in irgendeiner Sprache zurück, das ist mir auch recht.

[1]Alle Briefkästen / Postfächer des Dorfes sind am einen Ende des Dorfes zusammen in einem Kasten. So hat es die Briefträgerin nicht so weit.

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30 September 2016

It rained in September

Water... water...

Looking back at the month of September, a few things come to my mind. One of them is my friend Borja and family coming for a visit, which resulted in many visits to the beach and a good number of rides. Another is the slow passing out of the tourist season on the island. And then there is the first rain after the summer (early morning on the 20th). It was as if our galician friends had brought a little present of rain with them. The last time it rained before that? I think it was May, but maybe I'm wrong and it was in early June.

In any case it has been months. Given that the last winter was very dry, with rainfall levels way below average, there is a big water problem on the island. I've described in another post (in German) how we had a few weeks with water outages.

Jokingly when we talked about the rain, I had said that when it starts raining finally, I will go out on the street and let myself get rained on. In the end, the rain fell during the night. I woke up and when I heard it, I smiled, but I was too sleepy to go outside. Everybody is hoping for more rain as soon as possible, so maybe I'll get my chance for "singing in the rain" then.

Astrid from Azalas has an excellent article about Urginea maritima, a plant that is (amongst many other interesting things) said to be an indicator for coming rainfall. The fields on Naxos have plenty of them right now. I'm really hoping those legends are true.

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