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28 December 2004

Greenglish, Greeklish, Γρήκλης

It's a small world for writing in Greek without a Greek keyboard

Chatted with yorix from HelMUG today on AIM (using BitlBee on my side) and he mentioned that he had always wanted to write a program to translate Greeklish to real Greek characters and back. As it happened we were both using Greeklish and as it also happened I had been looking up information on Greeklish on the web the day before.

Greeklish (or Greenglish) is writing Greek with latin characters, for example you write ellhnika instead of ελληνικά. Transliteration relies on the human ability to make sense out of nonexact rules. Machine transliteration would face difficulties, because everybody makes their own Greeklish. I had some ideas about coding for transliteration already...

Some links: Scientific approach (Greek), a table for transliteration (English), sample from irc instructions.

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