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01 July 2005

Python Ελληνικά (Greek) to Greeklish Converter

Life is a one way street... so is this script

As mentioned in this post about my mutt mail setup for Greek mails and in this post about Greek in OS X Terminal, I have a special setup. On my OSX machine I teached mutt and vim to do Greek. But on my OpenBSD system I translate incoming Greek mails to "Greeklish" for viewing through ssh. Until yesterday I was using the gr2gr perl script for this, but now I finished my own python version, with the advantage that it works for UTF-8 mails too. Read on for the source code...

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03 July 2005


Regentropfen statt Schweisstropfen

Bis heute morgen war es heiss, sauheiss. Tagsüber fast 40 Grad, auch nachts kühlte es nur leicht ab. Fast kein Wind, dafür Schweiss ohne Ende. Heute morgen hat es sich dann eingetrübt, wie angekündigt. Jetzt regnet es in Strömen, mit Blitz und Donner. Ich sitze in Μοσχάτο (Moshato, ein Vorort in Richtung Piräus) und schaue mir den Regen an.

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05 July 2005

Actual Battery Recycling Container Spotted

There really seems to be battery recycling in Greece
Battery recycling container in greek supermarket Marinopoulos

Last saturday spotted in a super market of the Marinopoulos / Champion / Carrefour variety: An actual battery recycling container. It seems to be completely unmarked and unadvertised, but some people found out what it is for, so there are batteries inside, waiting to be shipped off for propper recycling.

I wrote more about battery recycling in Greece here and some more entries about recycling in Greece in general.

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07 July 2005

Atmosphäre zum Programmieren

Im Zug, im Büro

Um zu Programmieren braucht man bekanntlich Konzentration. Meine Erfahrung ist, dass ich diese Konzentration nicht immer in ruhiger Umgebung finde. Einen Grossteil des Sourcecodes des damaligen STAR TV SMS-Chats (Friede seiner Seele) habe ich im Zug geschrieben, umgeben von ein- und aussteigenden Leuten, gedrängt im Abteil sitzend. Andere Male brauche ich Stille und visuelle Ruhe um mich.

Worauf es schlussendlich rausläuft ist, dass ich am besten arbeiten kann, wenn ich meine Umgebung (vor allem deren Lärmpegel) beeinflussen kann. Deswegen nehme ich den iPod zur Arbeit mit. Mit einer breiten Musikauswahl kann ich etwas ruhiges hören (Leonard Cohen zum Durchdenken von verzwickten Problemstellungen) oder etwas aggressives (Soundtrack von "Matrix", Skunk Anansie zum "Auswalzen"/Schreiben von Code). Was hingegen im Büro fehlt, ist die Möglichkeitalle Umgebungsgeräusche zu dämpfen, nicht nur zu übertönen. Es gibt eben keine Tür, die ich schliessen kann.

In viuseller Hinsicht klappt das etwas besser, vor allem auf dem Monitor. Wenn es "ruhiger" sein muss, schliesse ich einfach viele Fenster, stelle auch das Terminal mit irssi (IRC, ICQ, AIM) in den Hintergrund. Wenn viel Los sein soll werden Fenster mit Logs von Mail- und Webserver geöffnet und auch mal ein tcpdump -x -s 1500 ;-)

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09 July 2005

Road Signs to Karpen Island

Εκδρομη με την HelMUG 1

Είμαστε στο δρόμο για το Καρπενήσι με τον libero. Ωραίες πινακίδες έχει στην Εθνική: "Καλό ταξίδι σας εύχεται ο Δήμος Οπούντιων"... "Φονιάς ΑΕ".

Update: Corrected "Οπούντων" -> "Οπούντιων", και είδαμε και την "Ξυλεία Κολλημένος"...

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11 July 2005

Back in Civilization

I took the boat from Karpen Island

After a wild weekend with HelMUG (the greek Mac user group) I'm back at the office, the Internet, the civilization. Mountains up there around Καρπενήσι (Karpenisi) were wonderfull, had a great time with the HelMUG people, more stories and pictures to come.

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15 July 2005

Zope Methods with a Dot in the name

Playing the game with setattr

Again one of those boring work problems: I have a bunch of Zope python / filesystem products. Most of them when instantiated contain an image called "preview.jpg". One of the little critters is different though. It wants to have a Zope Page Template (ZPT) instead of "preview.jpg". But Zope (and I think python) don't allow dots in method names. I banged my head on this particular wall for a while, until first Peter Bengtsson and then Chris McDonough gave me a big push on #zope. Read on for the solution...

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19 July 2005

Feierabend at the Beach

Relaxing after a working day
betabug at the waterfront in Kalamaki

Yesterday evening, after a day working at the office, we took the bus to Voula. We stepped off at Kalamaki, my old neighbourhood. There we had a nice stroll at the waterfront and sat a while to watch the waves. The beach was quite crowded (but not as crowded as on that Sunday about a month ago when I went for a swim). Still, if I had brought my swimsuit, I could have gone for a cooling swim, a bit more over where there are small mini-beaches between the rocks. Less crowded there, more waves in the sea.

Every time I come back to the Kalamaki seaside I'm surprised. Back in the old times when I was living here, nobody went to swim here. The water was not clean. The water quality has improved much in those years, due to waste water processing. Very nice. Now we were just relaxing and taking a stroll. The air is much better near the sea, and for most of our visit there was a soft wind. This helped much with the temperature (as did taking my T-Shirt off :-).

In other news: Yesterday on TV we were informed of a heat wave coming in the next few days. They advised people to wear hats and light clothing, use suncream, drink enough, stay out of the sun, and don't exercise too much. Most Athenians won't have much problem with the last point.

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21 July 2005

HelMUG Server has moved to Athens

Welcome to the Capital!

The HelMUG server has arrived in Athens, the capital of Greece! Currently the DNS servers still point to the old IP address, so the server is not reachable. DNS setup is supposed to change today at noon. Your friendly neighborhood DNS server may take some more time to pick up changes though. So have patience.

Note for next time moving a server:

  • Move the DNS to new provider (let it still point to old IP of machine).
  • Old provider should remove DNS records.
  • New provider will reduce timeout on DNS records to minimum (or some reasonable low value).
  • Move server physically and to new IP.
  • Have new provider change IP in DNS records to new IP.
  • New provider will set dns timeout to standard value again.
That way the DNS change will be picked up much faster. If you don't understand these instructions, never mind: I am always surprised how few people really grok DNS. In no way do I claim to be super knowledgeable in respect to DNS, but I think I got this right :-)

Update: As a short time solution, I've set up, you can reach the web site with this domain. It will work for mail retrieval too, but likely will not work for mail sending. (And since mail sending does not work, mail retrieval is no good :-) Note that this will disappear once the normal DNS is up again.

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Server moved... to Thessaloniki

Error correction

So, the server did not move to Athens, indeed it just moved to another facility (OTEnet) in Thessaloniki. MacYannis just corrected me. So, welcome back to Thessaloniki!

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25 July 2005

Party under the Acropolis

...till way beyond the break of dawn
Acropolis over party

Saturday I was out to party... three of my flatmates friends have their birthdays around this date. So each year they throw a party together. We went to a terrace in the Psiri area, with a view both on the Acropolis and the Lykabettos. Nice. And another "Happy Birthday" to Parthenopi, Zoi, and Fivos! (Hope I got the names right with my greeklish.)

Haralambos (my flatmate) was doing the DJ job for a lot of the evening. Also along were our flatmate-grrrl Eleni and another Haralambos (who is a childhood friend of "our" H) together with his flatmate-grrrl Leka (on visit from Brazil, via London). Lots of good people around, dancing, drinking, 3 birthday pies. I took some nice pictures with Zoi's digicam, maybe I get to see (and post?) some of them later.

Things I have learned: The floodlights on the Acropolis go out at 3:30. The Metro starts its service around 5/5:30. There was no real sunrise to be seen, still the Acropolis was nice to see in that light. We stopped for some food on the way home, then everybody went to sleep half the day through.

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27 July 2005

OS X Server 10.3 Cyrus Mailserver Trouble?

Rebuilding the mail database might help

The Cyrus mail server on some Mac OS X server machine acted up yesterday. It turned out the Cyrus DB file was damaged, something that happens sometimes it seems. I searched the web for the error message and after a while came up with something. This morning I rebuilt the database and service is back up. Read on for the description...

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