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01 December 2006

Slowly Coming Back to a Normal Server

mail is up, papaki will be next

The server is slowly getting back into shape. Mail is working again, The website is mostly running (with a few missing images in the blog). Next will be bringing the website back up. Need to set up a new VirtualHost for this. But can't be long any more. In the meantime the machine has moved to my employers office, where it awaits completion and some way of shipment to its normal home.

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03 December 2006


At the ΙΜΕ

The General Assembly (ΓΣ) of the Greek Mac User Group is under way. Seeing a lot of people again, having fun chatting.

Let's see how it all turns out. We still have a lot of program ahead and are already late. But it wouldn't be a Greek Mac user group...

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General Assembly, Short Report

Elections and Talks
betabug at the Dec 2006 HelMUG general assembly

The HelMUG general assembly has happened today, finally after many tries with success. We managed to vote a new board. That's the main news. The lesser news is that I happened to be voted as board member, even though I really didn't want to (my previous experience with that kind of stuff was rather mixed). counting the votes For many months I turned down all request for setting me up as a board candidate. In the end I stood to be voted only because we needed to fill the roster to the required number by law. But then I got voted, probably by pure malice!

Attendance was not very high. But the important point was the atmosphere of the event. There were some old stories to sort out, but in general the consensus was that we wanted to go forward. I believe the new board is united in a practical approach. We want an uncomplicated user group, a place where things happen. So, here we are. What the future will bring, we will see.

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04 December 2006

Ελληνικό iChat μέσω Terminal και IRC/bitlbee

Ποιος λέει ότι το Terminal δεν κάνει ελληνικά;

Ναι, αυτή η διαδικασία είναι παράξενη και μόνο για όσους αγαπάνε τα Unix και γενικά τα CLI. Χρησιμοποιώ IRC για chat (π.χ. το κανάλι #zope στο για τεχνική υποστήριξη στο Zope). Δεν έχω και όρεξη να έχω 12 άλλα και διαφορετικά προγράμματα ανοικτά για AIM/iChat, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, IRC, ... τα θέλω όλα σε ένα και κατά προτίμηση στο Terminal. Πιο σοκολάτα γάλακτος μπορεί να μην γίνεται, αλλά πιο πολλά chat σε ένα Terminal γίνεται...

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05 December 2006

Asphalt Surfing ins Büro

Es rollt sich was zusammen
Longboard im Büro

Eines der direkten Resultate meiner Reise nach Deutschland und in die Schweiz ist, dass ich mein Longboard mitgebracht habe. Gestern hatte ich es dann zum zweiten Mal auf dem Weg ins Büro dabei. Den grössten Teil der Strecke mache ich mit dem Bus, aber es gibt zwei, drei Strassen, in denen es ruhig genug ist, dass ich rollen kann.

Gestern morgen bin ich dann an der Vassilissis Sofia angekommen und nach einem kleinen Spurt über die Kreuzung (kurze Grünphase mit Slalom durch die Abbieger) war ich doch ganz schön ausser Atem. So kann das natürlich nicht bleiben. Nach meiner Zeit auf Limnos hatte ich ja eigentlich eine ganz brauchbare Kondition, aber die Stadt ruiniert sowas schnellstens.

Also bin ich heute gleich wieder mit dem Rollbrettchen los. Jeden Tag liegt der Verkehr anders und wo ich gestern noch um Autokolonnen herumgelaufen bin, konnte ich heute eine schöne, leere Strecke asphaltsurfen. Auf die Schlaglöcher muss ich dabei aufpassen, Athener Asphalt halt. Im Büro macht sich das Brett dafür wieder ganz hübsch...

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08 December 2006

Christmas Chocolate

Office diet destroyer
Lindt Christmas Chocolate

From my trip to Switzerland I had brought back about four kilograms of swiss chocolate. I don't eat much chocolate myself. Really, these were mostly for presents and to give away. Yesterday I had brought three bars to the office, amongst them the "Christmas Chocolate" from Lindt.

I opened it myself and took two pieces to get a taste. The moment I opened the packaging, it smelled of christmas. I can't really describe it differently. It also tasted like that. I tried to taste what the ingredients are (before reading the packaging), but the spices are so well rounded out, that no single one stands out. Then I read that cinnamon and coriander are in there, which I agree with. They are, but well - as mentioned - in a balanced spicing, so I can really recommend this chocolate.

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09 December 2006

Dark Sun

Going out to the "gothadika"

Yesterday night I went out to party with Panos (libero) and Thanassis (mckellaris) from HelMUG. We went to a γκοθάδικο (gothadiko) [1] called Dark Sun. I was going to say that it is a nice place, but of course that's not a compliment for a goth club. So... uhmm.. it's actually a pretty dark, depressing and overall very black place. It gives you the creeps and can be very scary. The music is eery too and they have a looped tape of some outworldish depressing animation movie playing on a projector. Summing it up, all in all it's very nice for a goth place :-).

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12 December 2006

Τα Ελληνικά μετά το Update

Unicode με το καινούριο OpenBSD 4.0

Η αναβάθμιση του server μου μπορεί να κατάστρεψε το hardware (όπως διαβάζατε έκαψα την μητρική του G3), αλλά από το σύστημα και ειδικά την υποστήριξη τις ελληνικής γλώσσας μέσον Unicode UTF-8 πάμε πολύ καλύτερα. Όπως είπαμε, παίζουν καλύτερα στο Terminal. Αλλά και το Zope είχε προβληματάκια με Unicode στο παλαιό OpenBSD, τα όποια τώρα λύθηκαν. Τα RSS feeds του COREBlog τώρα παίζουν κανονικά. Αυτό σημαίνει και ότι τα δυο RSS feeds μου είναι τώρα "validating".

Ένα προβληματάκι βρήκα το πρωί με το Zwiki του papakiteliatziar: Μου έριξε exceptions στην πρόβλεψη και στην αποθήκευση τον κείμενων. Μετά από σετάρισμα του για το python, όλα πάνε καλά πάλι.

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Category RSS feeds for COREBlog

A 5 minute change

It's so easy to make RSS feeds for all categories in a COREBlog, it took me only a couple of minutes. Here is the recipe:

  1. Copy the DTML method rdf_10_xml, rename the copy to rdf_10_category_xml.
  2. In rdf_10_category_xml look for every mention of rev_day_entry_items(...) - there are three of them. The first one gets changed to category_entry_items(category_id=category_id, count=1) the two other ones to category_entry_items(category_id=category_id, count=15).
  3. In the "modules" folder in the ZMI, edit the "categories" DTML method. Add links to your_blog_url/rdf10_category_xml?category_id=<dtml-var id> inside the loop for each category - I've got them on the same line, along with the item count.

...and that's it. Oh yeah, and the announcement: Dear visitors, please enjoy the category RSS feeds. Get updates only on your specific interests!

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13 December 2006

Past Travels to Germany and Switzerland

Memories of a memorable journey
On the german Autobahn

It's almost a month ago that I travelled to Germany and Switzerland, but the rain of the last days here made me remember that memorable trip. I'll attempt to sum it up. It's been a while, but some of the very "interesting" moments stay well in my memory, so let's see how well I can bring it back. It all started a few days before I left, when I tried to prepare my server for the upgrade I would do when in Germany. In the process I managed to crash the poor box, and had to ask someone to go by there and reboot it. It seems that wasn't such a good omen. I set out on Saturday morning (18.11.) for my flight to Munich. When I arrived in Munich, it was raining...

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17 December 2006

Doing Seminars for HelMUG

Results from another Sunday MUG coffee break

Due to the general assembly two weeks ago, the monthly HelMUG coffee break was postponed to today. I went there and after a while we were four of us... seems the holiday season is taking its toll. But the meeting was very interesting and had good results. Next to the usual computer chatter we also discussed locations for seminars and some good ideas came up...

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20 December 2006

The Garage Site using ZWiki

Taking ZWiki Design for a spin!
Screenshot Graphics Garage Website

For a while now I've been talking about skinning a ZWiki and using it as the easiest CMS on Zope. I've done a demo site with Simon (of ZWiki fame), done my own wiki site in this way, and we've done a couple of client demos at my workplace. Now we did what we recommend others for our own site and it rocks: Looking at the new Graphics Garage website (went online yesterday evening) you wouldn't guess this to be a ZWiki, it's a pure design site. But there is some nice tech behind it which results in a very simple user interface...

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21 December 2006

The Dasein in Athens

Culture cafe in Exarheia

While the center of athens is putting up christmas lights as if it was flak to shoot down the next suicide plane attack, with the terrorpilots uncertain where to hit (enough ugly buildings to choose from), I'm sitting in the slightly bohème culture café "Dasein" in Athens anarchist quartier Exarheia. The previous longwinding sentence is like that on purpose, on Tuesdays you can come here to hear the "philosophy café" discuss Kant.

Myself I came to watch a xmas horror b-movie called "Silent Night Deadly Night". It's about time to get into the festive mood. For the time being I'm wolfing down a hotdog and waiting for Takis (from HelMUG) to show up and the show to start.

The dasein has a wooden floor and couches opposite a bar. Good atmosphere, good music. Not too unusual by Exarheia standards though.

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24 December 2006

Rat Rated!

So who does the rating anyway?

Looking through my browser stats, I noticed several referrers from "", so "who is that?" I thought. Even with extended searches on the web I could only find it on published webstats pages. Deducing a bit, I concluded that these must be accesses from people who rate pages for a "content filtering service", the one from sonicwall. They've come to 3 times in the last 10 days or so. Following that link I came to a fancy little tool that allows to lookup any page on how it's rated by their system, which led to all kind of fun...

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27 December 2006

Holiday Reading List

Sitting lazy, reading

Christmas break is high time for some slacking and reading for me. Last year I went and bought lots of books, this year a held back a bit more, but I Eleni brought me some books from Munich that I had left there on route from Switzerland. Let's see: First of all I went and bought "Οι τέσσερις τοίχοι" from Βαγγέλης Χατζιγιαννίδης ("Four Walls" from Vangelis Hatziyannidis, also available in an english translation, this book was recommended to me in a comment by Catheryn Kilgarriff)...

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28 December 2006

Forged E-Mails Enter Swiss Politics

Forged name under wish to change positions in regional government

According to an article from swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger (online in german likely only for a short while; NZZ reports too, TSR reports in french), forged mails where sent from a computer in the building of the swiss parliament in Berne. The mails (and SMS) carried the name of Laurent Schaffter, member of the regional government of the canton of Jura. Those mails expressed the wish to change his position as minister for "buildings and ecology", with the result that he got assigned a new position as minister for "health, social, and personnel". I've been waiting for something like this to happen, as it is much, much too easy to forge mails...

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29 December 2006

Vorstand... wieder mal

betabug im Vorstand der HelMUG

Statt hier für meinen Weblog was zu schreiben, sollte ich eigentlich einen Text ins Griechische übersetzen. Und das kam so: Seit ein paar Wochen bin ich nämlich im Vorstand der griechischen Mac User Group HelMUG. Wiedermal Vereinsvorstand... das letzte Mal war ich ca. 2000/2002 für zwei Jahre im Vorstand vom MUS. Wie (auf Englisch) schon erwähnt, bin ich im Vorstand nur gelandet, weil wir noch ein paar Leute brauchten um auf die vorgeschriebene Anzahl Kandidaten zu kommen. Dann bin ich gewählt worden, jetzt bin ich PR-Fuzzi und Apple Ambassador.

Wenn man so als Vorstand anfängt, dann ergibt sich doch schnell eine Liste von Dingen, die man machen möchte. Allgemein liegt im Verein Aufbruchsstimmung in der Luft, so soll auch das eZine des Vereins wieder aufleben. Damit das ein Erfolg wird, möchte ich zwei meiner Artikel auf Griechisch übersetzen. Sollten bis Anfang Januar fertig sein, drum hätt ich jetzt eigentlich was besseres zu tun. Nebenbei möchte ich noch Informationstexte über den Verein auf Englisch und Deutsch machen, ein Seminar vorbereiten, ein paar Scripts schreiben um unsere Server-Administration zu vereinfachen, und und und. Ich weiss auch nicht, warum ich mir immer so viel Arbeit einhandle...

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30 December 2006

Ξεκίνησε η σεζόν φοντί!

Χειμώνας είναι, βουτάμε ψωμί στο τυρί

Χτες το βράδυ στο σπίτι μας φτιάξαμε το πρώτο φοντί τις φετινής σεζόν. Όποιος δεν το ξέρει: το φοντί βασικά είναι λυόμενο τυρί, στο όποιο όλοι με ψιλά πιρούνια βουτάνε κομματάκια ψωμί. Το φοντί είναι τυπική ελβετική σπεσιαλιτέ, αρχικά από την γαλλόφωνη Ελβετία, εδώ και πολλά χρόνια γνωστή και στην υπόλοιπη Ελβετία.

Με το λυόμενο τυρί ζεσταίνεσαι. Το φοντί συστήνεται μόνο το χειμώνα, κανονικά πρέπει να έχει τουλάχιστον -2C, αλλιώς ζεσταίνεσαι πάρα πολύ. Αυτό μας είχε συμβεί και χτες. Επειδή στην Αθήνα έχουμε ποιο κοντά στο +10C, μας έπιασαν οι κάψες. Εγώ με το t-shirt καθόμουν στο τέλος.

Παρ' όλο αυτό θα επαναλαμβάνουμε το "event" αυτό. Οι Ελβετοί πάντα γίνονται "ποιο ελβετική" όσο πιο πολύ είναι μακριά από το μέρος τους. Έτσι και εγώ ξεκίνησα το φοντί και μου αρέσει να φέρνω κόσμο στο σπίτι να κάνουμε μια βραδιά με ελβετικό φαγητό και πνεύμα.

Για όσους δεν θα προλάβουν μια τέτοια εξαιρετική πρόσκληση έχω βάλει την συνταγή για το φοντί στο "παπάκι". Προσοχή: Η συνταγή είναι αρκετά εύκολη να την διαβάζεις, όμως δύσκολη να σου πετύχει! Κουράγιο!

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