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02 July 2006

Why Crappy Music is on the Radio

...and confidential emails on line

I'm reading some of these emails with the nice disclaimer like "the information in this transmission may contain privileged and confidential information. It is intended only for the person(s) named above..." - The messages have not been mailed to me, but it's perfectly legal for me to read them. They are also interesting to read, though I get a bit stirred up by them. How comes? They are published as part of a court decision, where Sony was ordered to pay ten million dollars (pocket money to them). Sony got caught bribing radio stations to play "their" artists, to get those records into the mainstream feeding frenzy. Some thoughts come up with this...

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Some Pictures from Kea Island

Took only a few pictures with the lame phone camera

Here are some more pictures from last weekends excursion to Kea Island. I took only a few pictures, and since the camera in my phone isn't so great, this is what you get :-) Look inside for the pictures...

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04 July 2006

Philip Glass - La belle et la bête

A movie in concert at the Athens Herodion Theatre
Herodion Ancient Theatre in Athens, interior view before the show

Yesterday evening Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble played in the ancient Herodion theatre in Athens. I was lucky, happy, and stunned to see them perform their music to the film "La belle et la bête" from Jean Cocteau. They basically removed the soundtrack from the film, then the orchestra played the music while four singers intonated the voices. All in the typical musical style of Philip Glass. Sounds strange? It was a recipe for an incredible evening...

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05 July 2006

This Months Meaty Calendar Sheet

Another month, another souvlaki!
The famous souvlaki calendar - July

At the end of last year (right on time) here at the office we got sent a special calendar for the new year 2006. It came from one of the many Souvlaki shops of the area and it depicts for each month one of their foods. No, I don't know if there is any person who hangs a picture of meat and chips on their wall and flips it over every month.

But in order to share this beauty with you, I scanned in the sheet for July and posted it here. Yeah, I know, the scanner cut off some of the borders, but that can be considered part of the act of creating true art.

You can click on the image to view a bigger image... and even spot the phone number so you could order if this beauty triggers your appetite!

07 July 2006

I Can't Hear You

Is it my ears or podcasts in general?

The last week or so I have been playing around with podcasts. Or rather, I'd say "recorded radio shows", because I got those podcasts from NPR. My idea is that my eyes work way too much. All day in front of a computer screen, all work passes through my eyes. Then I go home and to relax I either read a book or do some of my own hacking with the computer. (Lucky me, at least I've cut the TV.)

It's all through the eyes, and the eyes sometimes get terribly tired. Using the ears for a while would be great. I listen to music (mostly from emusic, thanks to saadz0r's recommendation), but sometimes actual information coming in is desired. I have time to listen in the bus every day, so podcasts fit my need just right, except I have a little complaint...

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How To Associate Objects to a Cache Manager Programmatically

Got objects?

Zope offers a caching framework with some cache managers available "out of the box". Your friendly Zope documentation tells you how to add a cache manager in the ZMI and associate objects with it. Since my site setup for our application is done from python code, I want this automated. All I needed was a tiny bit of digging around in the Zope source code and here we go...

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08 July 2006

HelMUG Athens Meeting on Sunday

Café Ethnikon, Syntagma square

Just a quick note: I just learned now that tomorrow, Sunday the 9th of July, at 11:30 in the morning, there will be a meeting of HelMUG in Athens. (HelMUG being the Hellenic Mac User Group.) The meeting will be very relaxed and informal (as usual), and this time it is at the Café ΕΘΝΙΚΟΝ (Ethnikon) at Syntagma Square. Since the area of Syntagma Square currently has free wi-fi, bringing your laptop could be interesting. Please consider yourselves invited!

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12 July 2006

Wondering About CVS branch Strategy for a Webapp

Back and forth on releases, branching, and merging

At work we have one main web application, that really runs in one instance on our production server. This is all based on Zope's filesystem based python products, so all our code is in cvs. (Yes, I'm too lame for svn or other more modern revision control systems). Now this is a bit different from normal software release cycles, since with a webapp, I can "upgrade" the application a couple of times a day when we get new features or bugfixes. No need to ship new releases to customers... but how could I handle code change management with this? I researched things, but I've still got some open questions, so come and see what I've been up to...

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13 July 2006

Escape to Hydra

Day trip to the island without cars

As you can see from the pic, the betabug escaped for a short daytrip to Hydra.

Right after arrival we resorted to the cafeteria σπυλια (spylia, cave) to relax and have a drink.

Weather is fine so far - let's hope the weather report is wrong on predicting rain. I'll go for a swim later, promise!

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18 July 2006

Juli-Stimmung in Athen


Jetzt im Juli ist in Athen eine besondere Stimmung. Es ist natürlich so heiss, dass jede Abkühlung gesucht wird. Wer die Möglichkeit hat verzieht sich aus der Stadt, zum Beispiel Schüler und Studenten die nach Hause "aufs Dorf" fahren können. Wer arbeiten muss zählt die wenigen Wochen, bis der Jahresurlaub losgeht. Die grosse Jahresermüdung setzt bis dahin schon mal ein. Im Arbeitsleben gibt es dafür den grossen Endspurt, was gemacht werden muss, muss noch vor dem August gemacht werden, denn im August läuft sowieso nichts mehr.

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20 July 2006

Outdoor Party for Eleni's Greek Classes

Dancing in the night
The big view of the party

Went to a big student party, the last evening of Elenis Greek summer course (THYESPA). Students of Greek from all over the world. Had lots of fun, was even dancing and took some pix. Of course I'm shot today, and the file server failing this morning didn't help. Click on the montage pic for a bigger view and look inside for two more pictures...

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22 July 2006

Sunset and Concert at Faliron

Simple pleasures

We're at the coast in Faliron [1], watching the last bit of the sunset. The sea is reflecting the dark blue sky.

Next to the beach where we sit, is a concert. Right now we hear the first notes of Alkisti Protopsalti singing.

We'll sit on the beach a bit more where we can hear. Later we will walk up a bit to catch a view of the stage. The sound of the surf mixes with the music.

[1] a coastal quarter of greater Athens

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23 July 2006

Get Notices on HelMUG Meetings

For Thessaloniki and Athens; also fixed monthly meetings in Athens

Mac users in Greece can now get advance notice of HelMUG's (the Greek Mac user group's) meetings. We've set up two announce mailing lists: Λίστα ενημέρωσης Δρώμενων Σωματείου - subscription for Thessaloniki and Athens. Since these lists are moderated and should carry only announcements, you don't have to fear getting too much mail from then.

In related news, at the last meeting in Athens, we agreed to have meeting fixed on the first Sunday of each month. Next one will be on the 6th of August, at the Café Ethnikon on Syntagma Square (11:30AM). Since there is free wifi reception on Syntagma, bringing your portable *book computer is a good idea.

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26 July 2006

Before the Finishing Line

More work than blogging

This week is tough at work, so few ideas and little power for weblogging. That is because this is the last week before the company summer vacation, and (as usual) everything has to be finished before the vacation. Instead of witty writings and my usual lame pics, all you get is this service announcement. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more interesting content.

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