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03 July 2007

Parnitha Forest Demonstration

We need our trees back

This Sunday, 8th of July, at 19:00 there will be a demonstration outside the parliament. The People are demanding that the forest of Parnitha will be replanted. We can't let our oxygen supply be burned down by negligence (or even malevolence). The "invitations" for the demonstration are making the rounds by SMS and email. So please all join in this Sunday!

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07 July 2007

Renew Suncream after Swimming!

Sloppy slappy got me

The media are reminding us to renew our sunscreen after swimming in the sea. They are very right with that. Today we went in the morning to swim near Voula. After I came out I slapped on more suncream, but I was sloppy. The result is that I have one shoulder that is red with a slight sunburn. Not too bad, no peeling skin or anything as bad, either I'm κολόφαρδος (kolofardos, literally "with a wide ass", someone with luck) or else my part greek heritage worked for my skin protection. So just a small reminder for everyone out there: Indeed, put on new suncream after swimming!

Another reminder: Tomorrow, Sunday at 19:00 we're meeting outside the Parliament in Athens, to demand fast reaforrestation of the Parnitha forrest.

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15 July 2007

Is there anyone who cares about the SSH worm?

Bye bye...

Please excuse the rant... everybody talks about Windoze malware, but is there anybody who is at all interested about the tons of Unix boxes who carry the SSH worm around? (Everybody knows which one I'm talking about, the one that closes every couple of login attempts with "Bye bye".) My authlog looks like a playground of the careless Unix owners. I'm getting tons of connection attempts from places like universities, companies, providers, about everywhere. By now I have of course blocked most of the world based on IP ranges, but still there are a lot of attempts.

So, what's it really? Are there so many clueless Unix admins around who use (or reuse) simple passwords? Are there Linux distros around with default passwords? What's happening really?

I know that I'm using pretty tough passwords, but all the connection attempts are annoying and a waste of bandwidth. Before I closed most of the IP space, I had 10000s of login attempts from some hosts and up to a hundred or so hosts with 1000s of attempts every day. The proper course of action of writing to the abuse account of the network range is just not viable (and of course totally useless for e.g. korean IPs). I just can't imagine anyone of these people to care for their rooted machines. So is the Unix world just happy to look down on the Windoze world and assuming that *nix worms are a thing of the past while ignoring the daily filth in our own world?

Update: Here is some analysis of what the attackers try to do. Doesn't address the underlying problem of why they are so successful.

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23 July 2007

Το τάβλι του Όθωνα

Και άλλα ωραία στο μουσείο
The backgammon set of King Otto

Τελικά πήγα και εγώ το Σάββατο στο Μουσείο της Πόλεως των Αθηνών . Είναι καταπληκτικό - αν ενδιαφέρεσαι λίγο για το 19ο αιώνα. Το καλύτερο έκθεμα ήτανε το μοντέλο της Αθήνας του 1842 - να βλέπεις πως άλλαξε από τότε μέχρι σήμερα αυτή η πόλη, και ταυτόχρονα να δεις κάτι σημεία αναφοράς που μείνανε. Ο εθνικός κήπος τότε: ένα τετράγωνο πράσινο μέσα στα χωράφια, έξω από την πόλη. Εξαιρετικό.

Είδαμε και τον λόρδο Βύρων σε φιγούρα πορσελάνης, λες και κάνανε "action figures" της ελληνικής επανάστασης (τον είχαν και σε φώτο, σχέδια, πήνακες). Μετά, το τάβλι αυτό το όποιο μας έχουν πει από το μουσείο ότι ήτανε του Όθωνα (κλικ στην μικρή εικόνα για την επίσημη σελίδα του μουσείο).

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31 July 2007

How come you speak Greek fluently?

A question that sometimes comes up

Kat, an American in Athens posted a very interesting article titled Why don't you speak Greek fluently?, which explains about how she never got around to really learn Greek fluently after 10 years living here. In short: circumstances. My story is totally different. If I may say so myself, I speak Greek fluently (although with an accent, and making certain mistakes over and over). Let me explain how I got there...

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COREBlog Month Views messed up

The UTF-8 gave up

Just a short service notice to my readers: I just noticed that something (likely the Zope 2.8 to 2.9 upgrade) messed up the UTF-8 in the weblog's month archive view (only there apparently). Greek text and German umlauts are broken right now. I'm investigating, please excuse the inconvenience.

Update 2007-11-08 This should be fixed now, apparently there were some entries with broken encoding in the DB.

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