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01 September 2007

Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

HelMUG welcomes you!

This Sunday (September 2nd), 12 noon, a few people from HelMUG (the Greek Mac User Group) will meet at the Cafe Ethnikon at Syntagma square. (Athens meetings are usually on the first Sunday of each month.) Member or not, feel free to join us. There will be no talks or agenda, but a relaxed meeting to do the Mac chat and get your tech questions answered. We're sometimes hard to spot, so when you see a bunch of people sitting on a table all with Mac laptops, feel free to ask if it's us!

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03 September 2007

Quoted in the EC's "Open Source News"

Talk the talk

Going through my referer logs, I found an article from the European Commission's very own "Open Source News" (no I've never heard of that thing either) quoting an older post of mine (Greece Moves Forward To the Past in Informatics). The article is here under GR: 'Piracy and lack of developers Open Source's biggest obstacles'. I'm in the good company of a few fellow Greek bloggers. Followed the links and discovered more interesting reading (already had "Past Midnight" in my reading list, but Thanasis' lixtetrax blog is new) and the other two having discovered the quote already too.

On a sidenote, it seems they made a bit of a mess with the date of the article: On the top it says "28 August 2008" (more likely 2007). But below it says "European Communities 2006". I guess it's August 2007, freshly arrived.

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07 September 2007

Yes, Still Burning

If a fire burns in a forest...

For I don't know how many days now... the forest fires are still burning. New fires are springing up from time to time, the fire season isn't over yet. The media have gotten bored about it (the fire's 15 minutes of fame are probably over) and besides, didn't you hear we have elections now? It's much more important to show rosy, fat politicians faces in the news. There is a dark cloud in the sky, it's just not showing for most people.

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13 September 2007

My List of English Bookshops in Athens

Put them in their place!

I've written about English book shops in Athens a couple of times. Those posts stretch out a bit over time, so in order to give readers a directory I've put a page on the papakiteliatziar wiki which lists all "my" English language book shops here.

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29 September 2007

Put Your Virtual in a Box

Another way to run Windows on Intel Macs

With the Intel based Macs it's easy to run Windows on a Mac. Most people use "Parallels" for that (since that program was the first one around), while I had tried the beta of VMWare for Mac. Now that the VMWare beta program is over, I tried out VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a full alternative to the other two. It's not only free, it's open source. The Mac version seems to be in beta too, so I was right where I had left off. This afternoon I went and intalled VirtualBox and put (gasp!) Windows 2000 Professional on it...

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