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01 September 2007

Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

HelMUG welcomes you!

This Sunday (September 2nd), 12 noon, a few people from HelMUG (the Greek Mac User Group) will meet at the Cafe Ethnikon at Syntagma square. (Athens meetings are usually on the first Sunday of each month.) Member or not, feel free to join us. There will be no talks or agenda, but a relaxed meeting to do the Mac chat and get your tech questions answered. We're sometimes hard to spot, so when you see a bunch of people sitting on a table all with Mac laptops, feel free to ask if it's us!

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02 September 2007

In Erwartung von Regen

Wär ja mal ganz nett

Laut Wetterbericht ist für heut abend der erste Regen des Septembers angesagt, überhaupt der erste Regen seit Anfang Juni. Schön wär's ja, schon rein von der Abkühlung als Abwechslung, in der Zeit hatten wir hier zwei fette Hitzewellen. Der Wald könnte den Regen auch ganz gut brauchen, einerseits um zu helfen, die letzten Brände und Schwelbrände zu löschen, andererseits um mit etwas Feuchtigkeit das Wiederaufflammen zu erschweren. Denn die Waldbrandsaison ist erst Anfang Oktober vorbei. Andererseits würde zu viel Regen in den zerstörten Waldgebieten die Bodenerosion verstärken.

Für mich persönlich ist es einfach die Abkühlung auf die ich mich freue, vielleicht auch die Abwechslung mal etwas anderes anziehen zu können. Bis jetzt ist von Regen allerdings noch nichts zu sehen, es ist sonnig wie immer, höchstens mit ganz leichten Schleierwolken.

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03 September 2007

Quoted in the EC's "Open Source News"

Talk the talk

Going through my referer logs, I found an article from the European Commission's very own "Open Source News" (no I've never heard of that thing either) quoting an older post of mine (Greece Moves Forward To the Past in Informatics). The article is here under GR: 'Piracy and lack of developers Open Source's biggest obstacles'. I'm in the good company of a few fellow Greek bloggers. Followed the links and discovered more interesting reading (already had "Past Midnight" in my reading list, but Thanasis' lixtetrax blog is new) and the other two having discovered the quote already too.

On a sidenote, it seems they made a bit of a mess with the date of the article: On the top it says "28 August 2008" (more likely 2007). But below it says "European Communities 2006". I guess it's August 2007, freshly arrived.

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07 September 2007

Yes, Still Burning

If a fire burns in a forest...

For I don't know how many days now... the forest fires are still burning. New fires are springing up from time to time, the fire season isn't over yet. The media have gotten bored about it (the fire's 15 minutes of fame are probably over) and besides, didn't you hear we have elections now? It's much more important to show rosy, fat politicians faces in the news. There is a dark cloud in the sky, it's just not showing for most people.

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10 September 2007

Lost and Found: Bookshop

Nice place too

In a few previous posts about "Bookshops in Athens" (Dec 2005, Feb 2006, Nov 2006) I was looking out for "Compendium Books", references to which I had found on the web. I had considered them lost, since they had moved and I did not find them at their new address. Last week the gf and me took a stroll from Syntagma to Thision and while still near Syntagma we happened by chance onto a Book shop... and it was indeed Compendium, alive and well.

The shop is nice enough, with a big used books section (a bit hefty on the "romance" genre though). I'll be coming back there for sure. Unfortunately as with all English Bookshops in Athens, their Science Fiction section is confused: It consists to 90% of Fantasy stuff with almost nothing that is really SF (not to speak of Cyberpunk).

So, where are they? They are at the very end of Nikis street in central Athens (Syntagma area, towards Plaka), on the corner on 5, Navarhou Nikodimou street. phone 210 322 1248. Link to a map.

See also: The list of all "my" English language book shops in Athens.

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veni, vi, map!

Fun editing

Yesterday's pet riddle: Editing a large file, where quotation marks should become "smart" (or typographical) quotation marks. The file being LaTeX, it also contained a big heap of quote marks in code, mainly used for German umlauts (which to LaTeX are written as {\"a}). So I opened the file in vi for some playing...

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13 September 2007

My List of English Bookshops in Athens

Put them in their place!

I've written about English book shops in Athens a couple of times. Those posts stretch out a bit over time, so in order to give readers a directory I've put a page on the papakiteliatziar wiki which lists all "my" English language book shops here.

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16 September 2007

Zwiki 0.60 Released!

There you go
Unobserved by the world, Simon released Zwiki 0.60 into the wild yesterday. We had a 0.60RC1 for a while, some bugs came up and got fixed and here you are, with the next proper release. I have to think hard about what's new in this release, mind you: not because there isn't anything, "au contraire", there is a lot. But I've been running on development versions for quite some time now and have enjoyed most of the changes for a while already. So, what's there?
  • Lots of fixes to get Unicode working with Zope 2.10's new ZPTs, so we're ready for 2.10 now
  • The plohn fanboyz will cheer: works with Plone 3 now too it seems
  • Page editing history is uncoupled from Zope undo now. That means the edit history stays around when you pack the ZODB.
  • Commenting works for plaintext and html pages too now
  • Wiki templates are now imported recursively. I hear you sighing "what's that and why should I care?" In short it lets me build nice templates e.g. from into Zwiki templates and give them to you as a tgz, so you can make a prefab wiki like with one click.
  • The usual bunch of code cleanup, bug fixes, and small improvements.
  • ... anything I've forgotten, drop me a comment!

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18 September 2007

Daily Shell Fun

Know your tools

One thing I dislike a lot about the GUI admin tools from Mac OS X Server is that they are quick to turn around and make changes to config files you edited by hand. Sometimes those changes are a real pain, like when on one server I administrate it switched on apache's proxy - despite the "enable proxy" check box being distinctly off. The result was that spammers hit the server pretty hard. On Monday morning when the mess was noticed I had some cleaning up to do. Amongst others the (external) firewall had sent the previous administrator some "attack notification" mails. Some 33000+ such mails to be exact...

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20 September 2007


...und sprachlos

Momentan ist es hier auf dem Weblog etwas still. Nach diesem hier und natürlich dem (Referenz), fehlen mir momentan die Worte. Das Thema der Wahlen scheint eingehend diskutiert worden zu sein, mehr als Verbitterung und Wut darüber, wieviel die Menschen in 2 Wochen vergessen können, kann ich auch nicht ausdrücken.

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24 September 2007

Tired and Buying a Smoke Detector

Beep beep

This morning at about 6:20 someone rang the bell on our apartment door. Repeatedly. I turned around in sweet slumber and cursed the lusers. They kept on and started knocking too. I got up and had a look, thinking about if it was safe to open in the middle of the night (not knowing the time yet). Moving over to the hallway I noticed what was wrong, as I looked over to the kitchen: Smoke was coming out under the kitchen door...

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26 September 2007

Τέσσερα (4)... Tag One

Tagged for the very fist time (lalala)

Looks like this whole 'tagging and meme" thing finally got me too. Not to fond of it myself, but since it was Bollybutton who tagged me I'll try to comply - also because I could write a bit more here.

Four jobs I've had in my life

A lot to choose from :-)

  • Photographer
  • Motorcycle repair shop helping hand
  • Night watchman, guarding a cave in the Austrian mountains
  • Copywriter

Four movies I can watch over and over

  • Groundhog Day (the obvious movie to watch over and over)
  • Blade Runner
  • Hackers
  • Dead Poets Society (I have watched this over and over when it was running in cinemas, but now I haven't watched it for a long time)

Four TV shows I love to watch

I don't have a TV any more. But here are some shows I had liked to watch.

  • S1ngles (1st season, have seen nothing of the 2nd season)
  • Sto para pente (at first, haven't followed it for a long time any more)
  • idea...
  • idea...

Four places I have been on vacation

  • The Soviet Union (when it still was that)
  • Tuscany in winter, in a little house that had only an open fireplace for heating (it was great, was there with a bunch of friends)
  • Limnos (can't get enough of that place)
  • Driving with an almost 20 year old 2CV from southern France to Portugal (not strictly a vacation, as I wasn't working at the time, but "travels" might count too)

Four of my favorite dishes

  • Pastitsio
  • Spaghetti
  • Chäs-chnöpfli (no, you don't have to know what this is)
  • Stifado (especially in that little taverna in Kalamaki, back in the 80s)

Four websites I visit daily

  • Whoever is on my mini-planet (bottom right of my main blog page) and updates their blog that day
  • Questionable Content - actually Monday-Friday, but QC ruleth!
  • NZZ (in German), the oldest newspaper in the world, nicknamed "Züri-Tante" by Kurt Tucholsky.
  • for a dose of Greek news (ok, the last two almost daily).

Four places I would rather be

I like it where I am now, so let's take these a bit hypothetical:

  • On a copra ship under wind power in the south pacific
  • On Limnos, provided there was a real Internet connection available in "my" village
  • Travelling in a 2CV, visiting all my friends all over Europe
  • Hiking mount Parnitha, with all the trees alive and green

Four bloggers I am tagging

Terrible idea to put such burden on them...

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29 September 2007

Put Your Virtual in a Box

Another way to run Windows on Intel Macs

With the Intel based Macs it's easy to run Windows on a Mac. Most people use "Parallels" for that (since that program was the first one around), while I had tried the beta of VMWare for Mac. Now that the VMWare beta program is over, I tried out VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a full alternative to the other two. It's not only free, it's open source. The Mac version seems to be in beta too, so I was right where I had left off. This afternoon I went and intalled VirtualBox and put (gasp!) Windows 2000 Professional on it...

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30 September 2007

Blue Container Recycling Revisited

More recycling observations

I've reported about The Blue Containers for recycling in our part of town a while ago. In the meantime we've been good kids and used the blue bag supplied to us to collect all kind of (suspected) recyclable material. Usually when I emptied it in the blue containers I had a good look inside to see if others were using them properly or if they'd just end up as normal garbage containers. I was surprised about how much the recycling containers were used appropriately. I even observed other people emptying their blue bags into the blue containers.

Today when I went to the blue container nearest the apartment, I noticed it full up and overflowing, with stuff in bags. Theoretically this could have been recyclable stuff, but I really doubt it. Went to the next one, same game (there were even normal garbage containers next to it, practically empty, so either someone had a lot to recycle or else they just started to dump their garbage into the first container they saw). The third try was successful.

I would really like to learn more about this recycling program: How high is the recycling rate? Where are things separated, where are they recycled? Haven't seen any resources on this so far.

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