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03 October 2008

Drug Tests at Apple!!! NOW!!!

Anybody thought of the children?

Since I don't seem in the spirit to write something serious on this filthy blogz0r, I might as well vent some steam with a little RANT here. So, one of our applications is using the file(1) command to identify what certain files on the file system are. And what does Apple do with the 10.5 (Leopard) update? They change the command line parameters... where -i was documented as "Causes the file command to output mime type strings rather than the more traditional human readable ones" now it's "If the file is a regular file do not classify its contents". It's doing more or less the complete contrary to what it did before. This change apparently happened from version 4.10 to 4.17 of the file utility (and possibly the hopefully soon drug tested Apple guys innocently picked up that ugly change without looking... DAMN, YOU SHOULD HAVE LOOKED!!).

The solution is to use the long option version --mime, which (probably by a comical accident) the loonies didn't change.

Next Apple employees up for drug testing: Whoever is responsible for that ssh authentication f*up in 10.5. WTF? Typing the ssh keyphrase into the terminal wasn't good enough for you? If I needed a fancy popping up window, I probably wouldn't be using the Terminal in the first place you luserz!

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07 October 2008

Happy 60th Birthday 2CV

Still young after all those years!
My old 2CV at the time of the 1999 world meeting in Greece

A mail from Jukka (finish 2CV fan) reminded me this morning that the 2CV is celebrating its 60th birthday today! Happy Birthday little car, so young after all those years!

Time also to remember all those hours, days and nights I spent in the two 2CVs I had the luck to have owned. The time I drove all the night through the hills of then northern Yougoslavia (nowadays Croatia and Slovenia), endlessly turning over the same cassette, tired but enjoying the drive till the daylight came up and the driving continued into the day with Charlott taking over the wheel. Or the first days driving my first 2CV from France to Portugal, no music player yet, singing along aloud (happily nobody heard me), then picking up some hitchhikers and enjoying the company.

More: Stopping in Greece at the side of the road, driving into an olive grove, in the shade of the old trees replacing the engine's ventilator because it had cracked. Back in Switzerland in a freezing winter, with so much snow that the roads weren't cleared, me speeding along, overtaking Mercedes and BMWs two and three at a time on the white, snow covered roads. The same winter, driving home in the evening from work, the car and the atmosphere so thoroughly cooled down, that the 20 minute drive home gave the heating just enough time to warm the car up from -15ºC to 5ºC, me covered in 2 pullovers, down jacket, gloves, cap and a woolen blanket over my legs.

Finally leaving Switzerland and before that bringing the car to my uncle's garage almost with tears in my eyes, to have it find a new owner there.

Happy Birthday 2CV! May you stay with us strong and healthy for a long time yet!

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15 October 2008

Blow Me Away!

Sailing - now with wind too!
Rainbow over Euboea

Last weekend I took another trip with the sailing boat that welcomed me two weeks ago. This time we took part in a race that led us through a course around some buoys and back to Halkida. We did the same course on Saturday and Sunday.

Wind was much stronger than the last time. We had about 5-6 Beaufort on Saturday and 6-7 on Sunday. The boat is pretty big, so it went quite well with the rougher sea and I immensely enjoyed myself. Only on Sunday morning, while leaving from the port the wind was extremely calm and everybody wondered if the weather report could have been so wrong. Those boats who brought out their spinnakers soon learned that the weather report insisted on being right. They had to take them down as soon as the race started and the spinnakers started to flap around in the stiffening wind.

Sails behind our boat

Our boat was in the process of changing to a bigger genoa sail, but we noticed the change of wind at the last moment. Only problem we had to fold and stow away the second sail again, no real harm done.

There were less people on the boat, so I had to help a little bit more than last time. I also started to pick up a tiny little bit more of the Greek naval terms. Understanding them wasn't much of a problem, as I see and feel what is meant when they are spoken. It seems to take some time for me to get them into my system so I can remember and speak them myself though.

Enjoying the race

On Sunday I really enjoyed the last bit of the race the most. We were racing in a straight line to the finishing line, going quite fast, it almost fellt like going on rails. I arrived tired, hungry, with my knees and shins all blue and red, my head with a funny red color (forgot to put on sunblock), but I was happy.

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25 October 2008

Zwiki 0.61 Released - Cleanup and Catchup

Moving ahead

Woke up this lazy Weekend noon to find Simon has released 0.61 of the stable branch of Zwiki. This is not some bombastic feature release, rather a version that's catching up and cleaning up some stuff. I'm happy that Simon did this, since I've been slacking too much on this project, maybe it will get me going a bit again now.

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26 October 2008

Shot Marks

Historical artifacts?
Shot marks on historical facade in Athens, Greece

On my Sunday drawing excursion I came by this building which spotted some examples of what I guess are shot marks from WWII or the following civil war in Greece. I guess they are left there on purpose, because the building is in good shape otherwise, it's even listed in the "contemporary monuments database" of the "Archeology of the city of Athens". No mentions of the war wounds on the facade though. Also in the first and second floor the marks seem at least to have been partially repaired.

The address is Αμαλίας 42 (Amalias 42), just opposite Hadrian's arch and the temple of Olympian Zeus. Click on the image for a big panorama view of the scenery.

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29 October 2008


28. Oktober, Feiertag in Griechenland

Feiertage gibt's in verschiedenen Varianten. Die einen sind wie Leuchttürme: Als Kind kam mir Weihnachten immer so vor, Wochen im Voraus hielt ich Ausschau nach den Feiertagen, die etwas Ruhe, einen schützenden Hafen vor dem langweiligen Alltag der Schule bieten würden. Andere sind wie ein guter Bekannter, der kurz vorbeischaut aber nie richtig Zeit hat. Dann gibt es noch die, über die man unerwartet stolpert, fast als hätte man eine Münze auf der Strasse gefunden.

Der gestrige 28. Oktober war dieses Jahr für mich in der "unerwarteten" Kategorie. Grade mal ein paar Tage vorher hab ich gemerkt, dass es da ja noch einen Extra-Tag frei gibt. Immer noch gut genug, mir ist es auch schon vorgekommen, dass mich die Arbeitskollegen am Abend drauf aufmerksam gemacht haben, dass am nächsten Tag Feiertag ist.

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Limnos Panoramas

Those were the summer days...
Limnos island's capital Myrina seen from above

On this summer's vacation on Limnos, I took some pictures to be stitched together to panorama pictures. Finally here they are. Damn memories, where did the summer days go, I had a wonderful time there again. Limnos really is a special place.

The kastro of Myrina

The first few are of Myrina (the capital "city" of the island) and it's "kastro". As usual, click on the thumbs to see the bigger panorama pictures.

Continue reading "Limnos Panoramas"
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30 October 2008


Κάνει καλό
Χαμογελάτε - ωφελεί την υγεία και τον τουρισμό

Μια που έβαλα τις πανοραμικές φωτογραφίες από το φετινό καλοκαίρι στην Λήμνο, βρήκα και αυτήν την φωτογραφία μίας πινακίδας που μάλλον ο Δήμος Μούδρου έβαλε. "Χαμογελάτε - ωφελεί την υγεία και τον τουρισμό".

Δεν ξέρω αν φτάνει ένα χαμόγελο για να λυθούν όλα τα προβλήματα που έχει ένα απομακρυσμένο νησί σαν την πανέμορφη Λήμνο... αλλά καλό κάνει, αυτό είναι σίγουρο. Κατά την γνώμη μου όμως, η πινακίδα πιο πολύ για γέλια είναι, παρά για χαμόγελα.

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