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03 April 2008

La Grande Bouffe

As viewed by International Pizza

The French/Italian classic movie La Grande Bouffe has been on my viewing list for literally ages. I think I first heard about this movie when viewing the "Trailer" movie recommendation show on Austrian TV. All those years I was fascinated by the idea of this movie and wanted to see it. Finally I did, as graffic has pointed out in the company of International Pizza. I was a bit afraid that my memories of that long ago seen trailer wouldn't be up to the real thing, or that some of the gang would be offended by some of the gross contents of the movie, but that wasn't so...

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05 April 2008

4 Years in Greece

An anniversary

Today is an anniversary for me. I'm here in Greece since four years now. It feels really strange to look back on all that time. Lots of things have changed. I have changed. This weblog doesn't go back all that time, but it goes back a large part of those years, so there is a lot of reminiscing looking through the pages. Yes, I plan to continue to stay here, for as long as it feels good to me.

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Island Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens
Exhibits at the Museum of Cycladean Arts in Athens

When I told w0lfshade that I would be going to a museum, he asked if I had been to all the museums in Athens. I wrote back that I haven't.In fact it's not likely I'll see them all, since there are a lot of museums in Athens. What we went to see then was the Museum of Cycladic Art, a place I hadn't seen yet, but had wanted to visit for some time now. It's in Kolonaki, not far from the Metro station "Evangelismos".

The exhibition does not appear very big. I think this is mostly due to the design and lighting: The room is quite dark, with light rays falling only on the objects in the vitrines. The image of the sculptures carved out of white marble on the black background is quite nice. In fact there are a lot of items to be seen in there.

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06 April 2008

Google Mailservers used for Dictionary Attack

Looks like there is trouble

The last few days I noticed a nice, big dictionary attack targeting my lowly mail server. It's not been the first time and I'm not the only target of this, looks like Tor has seen it too. What is interesting about the attack is that it's abusing a lot of google servers...

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07 April 2008

Παιδεία στο τιμόνι

Πάλι καλά
Επιγραφή ΣΧΟΛΕΙΚΟ σε παράθυρο πούλμαν

ΣΧΟΛΕΙΚΟ... Ευτυχώς που τα παιδιά είναι μέσα στο πούλμαν και δεν το βλέπουν αυτό. Δεν θα πω τίποτα για το αν έχει καθόλου σημασία για την παιδεία, διότι εγώ μάλλον πιο πολλούς λάθους κάνω :-). Όμως είμαι και λίγο περήφανος που κατάλαβα αμέσως ότι κάτι είναι λάθος.

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08 April 2008

The Gardener at the Festival

Dialogue avec mon jardinier

The Festival du Film Francophone is currently running in Athens. We went and saw Dialogue avec mon jardinier yesterday evening. It was a remarkable experience. When I arrived at the cinema, there were a lot of people waiting. A really long line of people trying to get tickets. The problem wasn't so much a lack of tickets, but the strange organization: Take the usual Greek chaos, combine with the usual French chaos. The result was that despite the long line they were asking everybody: "would you like seats more to the left or to the center side?", "let's see, I have 3 in a line, is that good for you?" combined with all kinds of confusion. They probably took 5 minutes for every person buying, as if they were selling airplane tickets. All this despite the movie having already started.

When we finally got our tickets and went into the cinema, the room was (of course) dark and it was impossible to see any seat numbers. We were lucky to find consecutive seats in our row, so we could start to enjoy the movie without more confusion.

Enjoy the movie... Yes, that's exactly what we did! It was just wonderful. What pictures! What light! The sense of living, the snickery little glimpses on our own confused style of life. Despite a melancholy ending, the film is entirely positive. No fake drama, no violence for the sake of cheap spectacle. I came out of the cinema very quiet, and I still keep the images in my head.

So, what's the film all about? A painter has some trouble in his life, he separated from his wife, his daughter does her own stuff, he feels tired and hollow in his work. When he gets to own the house of his childhood, he moves there, somewhere in the French countryside. The garden of the place is a mess, so he looks for a gardener to look after it, and that gardener turns out to be a friend from school days. The two men start to talk, a dialog between two different places in society, different opinions about and experiences in life. Totally refreshing, recommended.

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11 April 2008

Pop Eye Playing at Athens Video Art Festival

... and Μικρο too

The ever "au courant" Panos has informed me that this weekend our friend Dimitris will play this Saturday with his band Pop Eye at the Athens Video Art Festival. Recommended, especially if you enjoy fancy pop, electronica, special music. Also playing up are Mikro, which I've already seen (and enjoyed) a couple of times (see: Earth to Gagarin: Mikro) - but they're playing tonight and I already have other plans.

Note to Pop Eye: Sorry, but MySpace pages suck. I have no idea what you have on your page, because I'm trying to close the page as fast as I can once I notice it's a typical MySpace thing.

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12 April 2008

First Rose

I'm such a fat-assed bastard
First rose on my balcony

Sometimes I don't get it. I have absolutely no knowledge about plants. When we moved into this apartment, there were some pots with green stuff on the balcony. I decided I won't let them dry out completely, so last summer I gave them water every day. During the winter time, my persistence faltered and they went often for a week without water. This spring I picked up giving them water more regularly again, also I read somewhere that ground coffee remains are good for them, so they got some of that. That's all I did, I probably deserve to end up with a couple of plastic pots with dust in them.

Instead I got? Today I discovered that we have our first rose this year. It's small and unspectacular, but incredibly beautiful to me and I seem to go looking at it a couple of times a day. I have some pics of last year's roses, but the new camera brings the flower out much better.

Well, if anybody around wants to look at my plants and give me some advice (or even help me out), feel free to send me a mail and drop by for a coffee and some green talk!

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16 April 2008

Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

Nice for ZWiki editing

The few times in many years that I tried out the ExternalEditor product I a.) never got it to work on Mac OS X and then b.) had already moved away from Through-The-Web (TTW) editing and therefore felt no more need to follow up on it. Today, following a problem someone had on #zwiki, I looked at ExternalEditor again, only to see that I had "missed episodes" of the show (as a Greek expression goes), since there is now a nice GUI application to handle the client side on Mac OS X: ZopeEditManager.

Since I'm not going to move back to editing Zope code in the ZMI, instead preferring to write my code on the file system, what could be the use for this thing for me now? Simple: ZWiki integrates very well with ExternalEditor, so having this thing installed, would allow me to edit wiki pages in a proper text editor. In fact, it works really well, took only a minute to configure for FireFox (after reading the Readme.html).

Next step would of course be to go back to a unixish setup, since my editor of choice is vi now... :-)

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18 April 2008

Wow... Music with the Trends TA-10.1

Haven't heard that before here
It's really small, the Trends TA-10.1

Today my boss gave me a pair of speakers and an amplifier. For a long time at home I've been listening to music with a pair of cheap "PC speakers". I carried everything home and hooked it up without even taking my shoes off. Wow... music!

I'm really not an audiophile. I've listened to music with the most simple of means, even though I noticed and understood that the quality I get is rubbish (heck, the PC speakers "broke" the sound when just turning them a bit up, and they were the reference implementation of "tinny sound"). But all this time it hadn't much bothered me.

The first time I noticed that there is more "inside" the music I am listening was when I bought a pair of in-ear headphones. Suddenly I noticed stuff in songs that previously just wasn't there.

Now with this setup I get the same, but without cables going to my head. OK, there are currently cables all over my desk (advisory note: photo is purely illustrative, in real life there are all kinds of cables to connect, and no desk is ever that organized... except mine at ork).

The amp is really an exceptional piece of technology. Apparently it's as good as machines that cost 10 times as much. Can't compare there, but it really sounds fantastic. It's also exceptional small, just compare to the teacup in the pic. Inside it's all crazy digital technology... well, actually a single chip plus some audio circuitry. There isn't much for user interface (on/off and volume knob), or input/output (just one input and connections for one pair of speakers). But it does the job... really well.

So here's a big cheer to Γιώργος (George, my audiophile boss)!

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19 April 2008

Zeit für Sonne

Immer wieder mal

Immer wieder um diese Jahreszeit scheine ich einen Post zu machen zum Thema "ach wie schön dass es Frühling ist, die Sonne rauskommt und es schon so schön warm ist". Endlich ist es auch dieses Jahr wieder so weit. Nach langen Tagen in denen es zwar schon wärmer war, aber ewigs bewölkt, scheint sich die Sonne jetzt entschlossen zu haben mal rauszukommen.

Vielleicht kann ich die Wintersachen jetzt ja endlich wegpacken. Heute war ich jedenfalls im T-Shirt einkaufen. Besseres Wetter macht auch mehr Lust einige meiner Projekte wieder anzupacken. Mal schauen.

Seit gestern kann ich zuhause ja anständig Musik hören, das macht dann vielleicht auch mehr Lust auf dem Sofa zu sitzen und was zu basteln.

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20 April 2008

Vier Jahre bin ich hier


Ja, wie schon berichtet, bin ich jetzt schon vier Jahre hier. Vor 2 Wochen war der Stichtag. In einem Kommentar bei dem Artikel und gestern wieder wurde ich gefragt, "ist die Zeit nicht schnell vergangen?". Ehrlich gesagt, nein, ist sie nicht. Es waren vier intensive Jahre, voll, randvoll gefüllt mit Dingen, die passiert sind, mit Gefühlen, Erlebnissen, Abenteuern, Leben halt. Wenn ich zurückdenke, kommen so viele Momente hoch. Intensiv, voll. Viel wichtiges ist passiert. Ich kann nicht behaupten, dass ich nichts bereue, oder dass ich nichts falsch gemacht hätte, aber hier bin ich jetzt und werde mit dem weiterleben was ich jetzt bin und was ich jetzt als Resultat meiner Handlungen habe.

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22 April 2008

Even Printers Need Love

Look after their needs and feelings!
LOVE LOW... PET ME! on printer's status display

Yes, nowadays printers too need attention, care, ... and sometimes even love. Fortunately advanced electronic devices can call out for help if one of their basic needs is running low. Unfortunately for the machine in question, people just come to grab up their printouts, without ever glancing at the display or paying attention to the little machine's feelings.

Just in case you wonder why this is in the "digital" category: It's done with a little perl (ugh!) script I found in a blog entry titled INSERT COIN. All you need is a networked HP laser printer and its IP address.

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28 April 2008

Athens to Patras by Train

How to get there

When I was trying to find out how to get from Athens to Patras by Train, I did the obvious thing and searched on the site of ΟΣΕ (OSE, the Greek Train Organisation). But... I got nowhere there, because it didn't let me search for that particular connection. So I needed to call out for some help. Thanks to indyone I found out how it all works and I might help out others in the same situation...

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30 April 2008

Notes About CSS Editing

It helps if you didn't make a mess out of it from the start

I'm doing a lot of CSS work lately. Even though I believe CSS is vastly superior to table based layout and font tags and center tags (and all that garbage people used to use), I'm hating it. The problem with CSS is that it's much too clever and meant to be much too clever. There is just no way a machine seems to be able to output meaningful CSS... so in the end it's all handcrafted. And you have to think about it. Tired of it all (I've been that for a while now), yesterday I looked at some of the options for making my life easier and thought about some of the things I could have done better...

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