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03 April 2008

La Grande Bouffe

As viewed by International Pizza

The French/Italian classic movie La Grande Bouffe has been on my viewing list for literally ages. I think I first heard about this movie when viewing the "Trailer" movie recommendation show on Austrian TV. All those years I was fascinated by the idea of this movie and wanted to see it. Finally I did, as graffic has pointed out in the company of International Pizza. I was a bit afraid that my memories of that long ago seen trailer wouldn't be up to the real thing, or that some of the gang would be offended by some of the gross contents of the movie, but that wasn't so...

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05 April 2008

4 Years in Greece

An anniversary

Today is an anniversary for me. I'm here in Greece since four years now. It feels really strange to look back on all that time. Lots of things have changed. I have changed. This weblog doesn't go back all that time, but it goes back a large part of those years, so there is a lot of reminiscing looking through the pages. Yes, I plan to continue to stay here, for as long as it feels good to me.

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Island Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens
Exhibits at the Museum of Cycladean Arts in Athens

When I told w0lfshade that I would be going to a museum, he asked if I had been to all the museums in Athens. I wrote back that I haven't.In fact it's not likely I'll see them all, since there are a lot of museums in Athens. What we went to see then was the Museum of Cycladic Art, a place I hadn't seen yet, but had wanted to visit for some time now. It's in Kolonaki, not far from the Metro station "Evangelismos".

The exhibition does not appear very big. I think this is mostly due to the design and lighting: The room is quite dark, with light rays falling only on the objects in the vitrines. The image of the sculptures carved out of white marble on the black background is quite nice. In fact there are a lot of items to be seen in there.

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07 April 2008

Παιδεία στο τιμόνι

Πάλι καλά
Επιγραφή ΣΧΟΛΕΙΚΟ σε παράθυρο πούλμαν

ΣΧΟΛΕΙΚΟ... Ευτυχώς που τα παιδιά είναι μέσα στο πούλμαν και δεν το βλέπουν αυτό. Δεν θα πω τίποτα για το αν έχει καθόλου σημασία για την παιδεία, διότι εγώ μάλλον πιο πολλούς λάθους κάνω :-). Όμως είμαι και λίγο περήφανος που κατάλαβα αμέσως ότι κάτι είναι λάθος.

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11 April 2008

Pop Eye Playing at Athens Video Art Festival

... and Μικρο too

The ever "au courant" Panos has informed me that this weekend our friend Dimitris will play this Saturday with his band Pop Eye at the Athens Video Art Festival. Recommended, especially if you enjoy fancy pop, electronica, special music. Also playing up are Mikro, which I've already seen (and enjoyed) a couple of times (see: Earth to Gagarin: Mikro) - but they're playing tonight and I already have other plans.

Note to Pop Eye: Sorry, but MySpace pages suck. I have no idea what you have on your page, because I'm trying to close the page as fast as I can once I notice it's a typical MySpace thing.

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19 April 2008

Zeit für Sonne

Immer wieder mal

Immer wieder um diese Jahreszeit scheine ich einen Post zu machen zum Thema "ach wie schön dass es Frühling ist, die Sonne rauskommt und es schon so schön warm ist". Endlich ist es auch dieses Jahr wieder so weit. Nach langen Tagen in denen es zwar schon wärmer war, aber ewigs bewölkt, scheint sich die Sonne jetzt entschlossen zu haben mal rauszukommen.

Vielleicht kann ich die Wintersachen jetzt ja endlich wegpacken. Heute war ich jedenfalls im T-Shirt einkaufen. Besseres Wetter macht auch mehr Lust einige meiner Projekte wieder anzupacken. Mal schauen.

Seit gestern kann ich zuhause ja anständig Musik hören, das macht dann vielleicht auch mehr Lust auf dem Sofa zu sitzen und was zu basteln.

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