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03 August 2008

Walk the walk, See the sights

With saad and mitch through Paris
With mitch and saad under the Eiffel Tower

My first real day in Paris yesterday was spent with saad and mitch going all across Paris. We've already seen a lot of the tourist sites like that. Some of theme I've seen for the first time, others I've seen again after a long time (from back when I was here with my father), and even saad and mitch didn't see some of them for a long time. There we are on the pic, right under the Eiffel Tower. Didn't go up (yet), because there was a long line of people waiting. At noon we had moroccan food, wonderful! In the late afternoon we went for drinks to a little bar in Bastille.

Today I'm tired from all that walking, taking a slacking day. The weather gives us "four seasons in one day", as Saad likes to describe it. Cloudy, raining, warmer, the sun coming out, cloudy again... when it gets warmer it tends to get sticky, there's a lot of humidity. I'm constantly switching in and out of pullovers, shirts, windbreaker.

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07 August 2008

Sweet Tourist Life

See it all!

Yes, I'm still in Paris, enjoying the sweet tourist life and the good weather (Tuesday/Wednesday, didn't last all that long, now on Thursday it's raining again). Monday and Tuesday I've visited and revisited a lot of Paris, doing all the tourist program, but also spending a lot of time slacking in the nice parks they have here. Wednesday I slept a bit longer in the morning, then met saad, mitch, and some of their friends for lunch. In the afternoon I tried to pick up on my tourist program, but somehow I had picked mostly boring stuff. Thursday will be back to speed there, lots of interesting stuff waits to be seen. Ofcoz now it's raining again, so I'll see what I will do.

Apart from going and checking out all these places I've picked up on my drawing / sketching habit. I've set myself a target of doing 3 sketches per day... much more then the about 1 per month I seem to be doing usually. So far I've exceeded this target by a good margin. Once I've got a chance to scan something maybe I can post a few of the acceptable ones.

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27 August 2008


Eins, zwei, eins, zwei!

Ronald Reagan soll angeblich mal gesagt haben: "Wer morgens kalt duscht, der lügt auch sonst." Das Zitat habe ich auch mit mehrmals suchen nie belegen können, aber statt kalt duschen fröne ich deshalb auch lieber meiner morgendlichen Gymnastik. Der Tag fängt einfach besser an, wenn man sich nach dem Aufstehen etwas bewegt. Manchmal sage ich mir: heut hab ich keine Lust auf Frühsport... um dann zu merken dass ich schon Lust auf Sport hätte, aber einfach nur zu faul bin. Ist alles eine Frage der Selbstüberredung.

Als Minimal-Programm mache ich ein paar einfache Stretching-Übungen. Das ist schon deswegen einfach, weil ich morgens eh das Bedürfnis habe mich zu recken und zu strecken. Wenn die Energie dann noch reicht gibts schwerere Bewegung mit 5kg Hanteln und vielleicht sogar ein paar Situps. Im Sommer fällt mir das immer sehr schwer, denn wenn die Temperatur morgens schon bei knapp 30 Grad liegt wirds mir da einfach zu warm. Momentan gehts, weil es nachts nicht ganz so heiss ist. Danach gleich unter die Dusche... aber lieber heiss als kalt.

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