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02 September 2008

Τι μέρα είναι σήμερα;

Με ανοικτό το στόμα

Περπατάω χτες το απόγευμα στο κέντρο της γειτονιάς. Σημειώνουμε εδώ, ότι χτες ήτανε ανάλογα με το ημερολόγιο Δευτέρα. Όπως περνάω ένα μανάβικο έρχεται μια κυρία με ένα παιδί στο χέρι προς την κατεύθυνσή μου. Στο άλλο χέρι έχει ένα κινητό και μιλάει (δυνατά, εννοείται). Λέει: "Σήμερα είναι Τρίτη, οπότε αύριο θα είναι Τετάρτη."

Τι κάνεις τώρα:

  1. Σταματάς, την διακόπτεις και λες: "Συγνώμη κυρία μου, σήμερα πρόκειται για Δευτέρα, όσο και να μην μας αρέσει!"
  2. Κοιτάς το παιδί και ψιθυρίζεις: "Τι λέει; Δευτέρα έχουμε!"
  3. Κουνάς το κεφάλι σου και ψάχνεις το βλέμμα του μανάβη, μπας και το άκουσε και αυτός.
  4. ... ;!;!

Διάλεξε ένα...

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04 September 2008

The State of Life and Balkan Music

Work, the Acropolis again, Goran Bregovic
A sketch of the acropolis in Athens and a ticket to the Goran Bregovic concert

Not into much writing at the moment. The picture shows some things I've been up to yesterday.

Work has picked up a lot, so I'm busy with those things in the background. Yesterday after work I went to the Acropolis where I would meet some friends for the concert of Goran Bregovic (together with his "Wedding and Funeral Orchestra", a choir, and a string orchestra). I was early, so I went to Filopappou and made a postcard with a view of the Acropolis.

A bit later, the actual concert was wonderful. Putting so many musicians on stage results in a very full sound, especially in a place with so good acoustics. Combine that with Mr. Bregovic's tunes... I loved it.

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20 September 2008

Exporting SMS from P910

As if there wasn't enough to do

I'm currently quite busy with work and "life", but as if that wasn't enough, my mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson P910i) decided to stage another battle in it's little attrition war against functionality and the lame spirit of "just working". Uhmm, was that too complicated for a description? Basically the phone started to run really slow, ate all the battery charge in one hour, didn't let me connect to it through the cable or bluetooth, and sometimes wouldn't be above ignoring a couple of incoming calls. Restarting didn't help but (as I know from the last time this happened) resetting it and playing on the last backup helps. Problem: A lot of my SMS will be lost that way.

So what the hell am I keeping ~2300 messages on that phone anyway? Bla, some kind of pack rat syndrome, but now that they've washed up, I'd like to keep them. Nothing like that beautiful depression you get when looking at those old personal notes. Attempts at exporting them revealed that: there's no built in export functionality; a German company making a comercial export program didn't know that there would be umlauts (öäü) and (god beware!) maybe even Greek characters in those messages and just left out those funny characters (which turns 70% of my messages into unreadable dots).

What helped: A little program called "SMS Diary" from Ola Melen. It managed (in due time, took something like 5 or 6 hours) to export all messages to a couple of html files, where you can follow them like a little dialog. It's commercial too, costs $10, but it's worth that for me (it works also for other Symbian / UIQ phones, like the P800, P900, P1, etc). Now messages are preserved, phone is cleaned and (so far) runs again. Back to suffering, e.g. from that FileMaker crap I'm forced to do at work right now (motto of the week: "what have I done to deserve this?).

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29 September 2008

Sailing Away

Forget it all for a weekend
On board the Mango 3

This weekend I had the incredible luck that Panos organized me a place on the sailing boat of his friends (big thanx to Stelios especially) for a weekend race from Χαλκίδα to Αλιβέρι (Halkida to Aliveri) and back. I've never been on a sailing boat before and always had wanted to. It was an incredible trip and a great experience.

I don't know if I would be able to learn all the stuff myself (e.g. lots of totally new Greek terms used on a boat), but I was able to give a helping hand now and then, so I didn't feel like a totally useless piece of luggage most of the time.

On Saturday morning we started out, at first with no to almost no wind at all, everybody nervously trying to get a tiny little bit of speed into the boat, in order to have a nose length of headway when the real wind sets in. When the wind finally came, a small group of boats started out with a huge distance to the followers. We were going quite well there, about to get in on the 4th position, when our genua sail ripped, still got in about 7th. On the way back we had no such accidents, but we hit a tough calm spot and our replacement sail wasn't so good. The results didn't affect me so much, I had a great time.

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