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02 April 2009

The Other Point of View: How does the drink feel?

Social behaviour
How a drink sees you

So you like going out for drinks? Ever considered how the drink thinks about it? How does your glass of booze/beer/wine/non-alcoholic-beverage-listed-for-completeness see you really?

In a stunning social study performed on one subject yesterday evening, me and my friends got some life pictures taken from the point of view of a glass of some beverage (names suppressed to protect the innocent).

It looked like a lot of people performed similar experiments yesterday, probably due to the exceptional warm weather for the season. It was just a nice evening to go out. Our gang happened to end up in the Gazi area, where some bars were not yet open, while others had lots of guests. We ended up a bit bored in a place that would get a mixed review if I could unslack enough to write a review. So what better than to play with my Pentax Optio W60 camera and take some improbable underwater-in-a-bar pix.

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06 April 2009

Bugs (or rather: Insects)

Funny little critters
Black ant up close

While I'm "debugging" a piece of code I wrote last Friday, I'll take a moment to publish some pictures I took on Saturday.

Today it's raining here, but on Saturday the weather was quite nice and warm, so I took the opportunity and went for a nice walk in the big park near my place. I took my camera with me, but didn't really have the intention to go for pictures. At some point I remembered the macro on the camera though, so when I saw some ants (ants are everywhere) I started some experiments.

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07 April 2009

No Metro Service from Athens Airport till September

Stranger, when you come to Athens
out of order info display at Athens International Airport

On the (blue) metro line that is running from and to the Athens International Airport there are currently 3 new stations being built. Due to these works, Metro service to and from the Airport is not going to be there until September 2009. You can take the airport buses instead, they're easy to find and even cheaper than the special Metro ticket from the Airport.

I had heard about this many times, the information is all over the Athens Metro system. On Sunday, when I was at the airport I noticed something different though: While there are indeed enough bus schedules to move the people (at least now, I guess in summer they will have to upgrade the bus schedules a bit), the line on the ticket booth was quite long. Not "really, really annoying long", but quite long.

As an illustration there was also a dysfunctional information monitor above the line of waiting people, showing a typical Windows desktop.

Update September 2009: Everything is back in service!

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10 April 2009

Evening in Mykonos

Listening to Barry White

Here I am, for a long weekend on Mykonos. Since the tourist season is only just about to start, there aren't yet that many people. Still the place is much busier than the places I frequent. (...and yes, I have already heard the jokes about "watching my ass" etc.)

Took a lot of pictures already, till the battery on my cam ran out. This one here is taken with the phone cam in low resolution, since I have no program to resize pictures on the mobile. We're sitting in a bar in "little venice", all alone cuz it's much too early really. Looking out on the sea, enjoying a drink and lsitening to Barry White.

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11 April 2009

Trauminsel Delos

Eine alte Welt entdecken

Von Mykonos aus kann man morgens um 10 mit einem kleinen Schiff auf die Insel Delos (Δήλος, Dilos) fahren. Delos ist komplett archäologische Stätte, niemand wohnt dort, niemand ausser den Archäologen kann dort übernachten.

Alss archäologische Stätte hat Delos wirklich viel zu bieten, es ist viel erhalten und es gibt viel interessantes zu sehen. Um diese Jahreszeit kommt noch dazu, dass die ganze Insel blüht. Wilde Blumen soweit man sehen kann, bunte Tupfer in allen Farben auf den alten Steinen, inmitten der seit dem 7. Jahrhundert verlassenen Häuser.

Um ein Uhr Mittag fährt das Schiff wieder zurück nach Mykonos. Die Zeit ist viel zu kurz, ich hätte gern noch mehr verweilen mögen.

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15 April 2009

Mykonos and Delos Panoramas

Wide view of these totally different islands
Looking sideways at "little venice" on Mykonos

Last weekend's trip resultet in a lot of pictures. Some of them were made to be stitched together to form a panorama.

The first one is a view from the side on the "little venice" area of Mykonos. I find the name "little venice" totally off, as the row of houses that are built onto the shoreline does not remind me of Venice at all, but whatever works for them. It's a nice enough area anyway. Well, it probably is much, much too crowded for my taste in the summer, off-season in spring it was nice and more or less quiet.

You can click on the image for a bigger view or click on "read more" to see the other panoramas.

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17 April 2009

Orangen-Geruch der leeren Stadt
Blueten an einem Orangen-Baum

Während sich die Stadt zu Ostern eines grossen Teils ihrer Bewohner entleert, füllen sich die kleinen Seitenstrassen mit dem Duft der Orangenbäume. Viele Strässchen sind hier mit Orangen- und Olivenbäumen gesäumt und im Moment merkt mans grad wieder mal richtig, weil die Orangen blühen und dementsprechend gut riechen.

Die Saison für Orangen ist also vorbei, es gibt zwar noch Orangen zu kaufen, aber der Zenit der Qualität ist überschritten. Es ist ja auch schon Frühling, sowohl nach dem Kalender und jetzt endlich auch dem Wetter nach. Die Stadt ist übers Osterwochenende schön ruhig, viele, viele Athener fahren über die Feiertage aufs Land um dort ihr Lamm zu grillen.

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19 April 2009

Διεθνείς Κώδικας...


Ελληνικά: δεξιά - αριστερά

Γαλλικά: αριστερά - δεξιά

Ελβετικά: αριστερά - δεξιά - αριστερά

Γιατί που και που τα μπερδεύω και γίνομαι λίγο ρεζίλι.

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20 April 2009

Rotten Trash in FileVault

Stubbon Folder / File resists deletion

For the last couple of weeks I had something in my trash that wouldn't delete. Whenever I emptied the trash, I got an error and had to skip the file in question. I checked Apple's knowledge base Article on the topic, but the suggestions in there didn't work for this case. Me using FileVault made the problem a bit more complicated... in the end logging in as root and mounting my home disk image from there solved the problem... for details see after the break.

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23 April 2009

Running Round on Sunny Easter Weekend

Sporty betabug
Flowers, trees, stone near the Acropolis

The long Easter weekend I was at home in Athens. It was a quiet weekend (very quiet, as Athens is almost totally empty those days), with a lot of time to think and reflect. There was lots of sun shine to help me along. I spent many hours in the park near my place and on Philopappou hill next to the Acropolis. Due to the lots of rain we had this winter (good thing!) there were lots of flowers.

So, I didn't eat any lamb till after Easter (when I went to graffic's place and got some incredible katsiki and lamb from Stella's village), I slept a lot, I read a little bit, I enjoyed the quiet.

On Sunday evening, I got an urge to a more healthy life and went for a run in the park. Since I haven't run since a looong time, I expected to be out of shape, to end up out of breath, with hurting legs. But no, I enjoyed running 3.1km at a fairly decent speed and felt empowered afterwards.

I had used "Sports Tracker" on my mobile phone (e71) to keep track of the distance I had been running and the speed. To make the task easier, I had bought the stupidest/craziest/weirdest accessory Nokia probably ever produced: A sweat band with a pocket for the mobile phone (CP-218 also see this review). It worked quite well, despite the e71 not being on the list of supported phones. Forget about being able to push any buttons while running though. "Sports Tracker" uses the phone's GPS to track your activity and the GPS had no problem to keep the signal in the sweat band pocket.

The running story continues though: Since I felt so good about running on Sunday, I went back to run some more on Monday evening... big mistake. Now my legs hurt a lot, I was able to run only half the distance and then I felt that it was more than enough. It took some days for my legs to get back into shape.

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24 April 2009

Berlin Brides

The surprise of the evening
K44 bar in Gazi Area / Athens

In a classical case of how it usually is, yesterday evening Panos carried me and some friends to a concert. Usually it's him dragging me to some far fetched and weird music events, which - most of the time - turn out quite good. No big names though, no 80 Euros for the cheapest standing place "you can watch the show on the screen" shows - but I digress. Anyway, yesterday the word was that this was going to be some kind of punk-rockish inspired thing. Ever since I started to listen to podcasts my initial sympathy for that kind of music had turned into willingness to actually listen. So there we were.

A hint of Berlin Brides playing in a crowd at the K44 in Athens

But, surprise, surprise, we weren't treated to some kind of punk, but rather to a collection of groups playing at the "Velvet Bus" festival, starting with some group (playing quite good) that I would without hesitation put into the "emo" drawer, over another group that didn't leave that much of an impression. Last act we heard (I was a bit tired and left early) were the Berlin Brides, some girls who make very inspired and electronic music. Totally grooving, danceable. I'm no expert to name the genre or something but I liked the sound a lot and had a good time. Recommended listening.

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29 April 2009

Connect Zope to ZEO across Europe

Long Distance...

Just did an interesting test setup here... installed a ZEO server on a machine I have in a housing with good bandwidth in Austria, then connected a Zope instance as a ZEO client to it, from here in Greece. Took me a couple of minutes to setup. I can say it works at least for a first test setup. What this means is that the local machine renders web pages with data from a database that is 1288 km away...

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