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07 May 2010

Cable Releases Received

... freshly shipped in from Germany
2 nice new wire releases fresh from Germany

A few weeks ago I had an accident with a cheap cable release. The stupid thing broke, leaving a piece of itself inside the shutter's thread. Not nice, but it was probably something that was machined to the cheapest possible specs.

So I went and ordered two nice new cable releases from - a German manufacturer, who makes exactly this product. The funny part is that they were cheaper than what I had paid for the "cheap" chinese wire release at the photo store here, even considering the postage. It's also nice to be able to buy something not "made in china" for once, just for a change. (At least I presume they are made in Germany, I think these manufacturers should write that all over the place.)

They are smaller and "leaner" than I had expected. Well, I had ordered the 25cm size, the larger sizes probably are thicker too. But they suit me fine the way they are, they seem to be well made and will hopefully serve me for a long time.

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15 May 2010

First Films in Years

You never unlearn it, it's like flying a fish... or was it a bicycle?
Some of my fist black and white negatives after a long time

This afternoon I developed my first black+white film in I don't know how long... likely more than 10 years... or thereabouts, hard to remember. All the time that I got the Arca-Swiss back, I took pictures with color negative and b+w film in parallel. I have two cassettes for the Arca, so that is easy to do. The color negs I give for development and scanning at "Tolis" lab (Nikitara 9 / Em. Benaki, they do C-41 up to 120 film). The b+w films went into a box.

Now I signed up at the Photoclub Ennea, which is a photography club, which has its own darkroom set up with all the necessary equipment - up till 6x9cm, which is by coincidence just what I need. The yearly membership dues are a bit steep for me, but since all the equipment use and the chemicals is included, it's better than buying all the darkroom stuff myself.

After I signed up, I went right to develop my first batch of films. The place is well organized and apart from some leaking development tanks and some spirals refusing to wind up my films for a short while I didn't have any problems. I developed first 2 films, then 4 in one batch. Next week I'll do some more and then I'll start to print stuff.

It feels a bit weird to do this kind of thing again. I haven't really forgotten anything. All the little tasks feel completely natural and normal, like I've never stopped. Working in another lab sure is different though, gotta find where stuff is and how "they do it" there. In the end though it's nice to take the neatly processed films home and look at the negs!

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17 May 2010

Free music wanted? ... get yourself a record player

not downloaded

Little thought of the morning: If you want free music, just go and get yourself a good, old-fashioned record player. My friend saad did just that last Friday and he's practically showered in LPs from friends and neighbors. High-quality, good music Long Playing Disks at that. Stuff you will listen to over and over. You might not be able to listen to it on your MP3-player while you're out doing something else, but listening to music undisturbed, as an act in itself, is something really rewarding.

With a bit of luck you will even get the record player for free or for a very good price second hand. Even if you can't get one for free, there are some very good models sold for very reasonable prices.

Never mind that with a good setup the music will also sound much better than CD. Funny how in my mind I draw the parallel to "analog" (good old silver-halogenid based, non-digital) photography, where the image quality is also in a different dimension and where you also sometimes get stuff for free.

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19 May 2010

TV Spotted

If I don't watch TV, TV will come to watch me?
Movie crew in our office

Today a film crew was doing some shooting for a TV spot in our office. A friend of our boss had told them how cool our office looks, they went to see the pixx at our site, they called and wanted the location. Result: We weren't working today.

In the morning I was taking advantage of that by sleeping longer and having some extra quality breakfast time at home. Then I went for two hours to the office to have a look.

After that little interlude of "work" (haha), I went to Photoclub Ennea and printed some pictures. That's "printed" as in "in a darkroom, on a photographic enlarger, involving light-sensitive paper and lots of chemistry". It's been a while since I've done that kind of stuff. Well, I got it to work, but I'm not yet satisfied with the result, some more practice and tinkering will be required. Also I'll need to get some fiber based paper... and pay for it.

As for the film crew: They had an Arri camera (film, not digital) and lights. They also had some little Elinchrom flashes, but only as decoration, since our office was masquerading as a photographers place. Well, look how funny, whenever someone was taking a pic with flash, the Elinchroms slave cell was triggering the flash too :-).

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27 May 2010

Über Politik reden

Das Thema hatten wir doch schon

Letzten war ich an einem Abendessen zu einem Namenstag eingeladen. Ausser einer Person die ich kenne und zwei Leuten, die ich gerade mal gesehen hatte, ein Tisch voller Unbekannter. Nach relativ kurzer Zeit kommt das Gespräch auf die Politik, die Finanzen, die Krise, die Banken, die Politiker. So wie das Gespräch hier in Griechenland wohl zur Zeit immer auf die Politik, die Finanzen, die Krise, die Banken kommt. Das Gespräch war interessant, wo wie fast jedes dieser Gespräche interessant ist.

In diesen Diskussionen kommen immer wieder andere Aspekte hoch. Neue Informationen tauchen auf. Unglaubliche Beispiele für Korruption, Verschwendung, Schlendrian werden aufgetischt. Unglaubliche, aber sicher wahre Beispiele. Immer wieder wird klar, dass es schwere Misstände gibt, dass es Bedarf für Änderung, Klärung, Aufräumen gibt.

Die Schuld an der Krise wird nicht nur woanders gesucht, im Gegenteil. Es ist klar, dass zumindest ein grosser Teil der Schuld hier ist. Da sind mal die eigenen Politiker, bei denen ja wohl inzwischen jeder kapiert haben sollte, dass sie ausser Schaden nichts anrichten. Da ist aber auch die Mitschuld, die jeder oder fast jeder trägt. Vom kleinen Schummeln bei der Steuererklärung, bis hin zu den grossen Unternehmern, die in etwa gar nix an Steuern abliefern sollen.

Der Grad der Einsicht schwankt wie Wellen rauf und runter bei diesen Diskussionen. Da sind die, die schimpfen und kritisieren. Da sind die, die es einfach nicht wahrhaben wollen. Da sind die, die mit der Diskussion und der Stimmung mitschwanken. Sicher gibt es da draussen auch die, die beim Wirtschaftsspiel wunderbar oben schwimmen und die auch jetzt wieder obenauf schwimmen werden, egal was auf uns zu kommt. Doch die sitzen nicht bei mir am Tisch. Die hier am Tisch werden alle draufzahlen.

Was mich am meisten stört sind zwei Sachen: Das man nicht miteinander reden kann. Jeder fällt dem anderen ins Wort, jeder wartet nur ab, bis der andere fertig ist, damit er seinen eigenen Senf dazusagen kann. Ich glaube nicht, dass wir so wirklich weiterkommen. Ich selber halte mich bei diesen Gesprächen stark zurück, rede fast nie, höre zu, soweit ich interessantes höre.

Das zweite, was mich wirklich stört ist eben das, dass wir mit diesen Gesprächen wohl nicht wirklich weiterkommen. Gut, dass wir drüber reden, dass wir Informationen und Meinungen austauschen. Was wir wirklich machen können, das habe ich bei all diesen Gesprächen aber noch nicht gehört.

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