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27 November 2012

Across Parnitha

Walking all over

Last weekend I was out with the Krystallis mountain club. We were crossing the Parnitha mountains near Athens. After a bit of a confused journey by public transport and with the help of some of the others, we reached the starting point. From there we started by going up the "Houni" valley on Saturday. I've been going up that path a few times before and it isn't that difficult. But apparently I'm totally out of shape, so I had a tough time. We had dinner and slept at the Bafi hut. I'm not much of a hut sleeper, but a pair of earplugs helped me get some rest anyway.

On Sunday we started out at 8:30 in the morning and we went across Parnitha. Passing by some places that I've been to before, but mostly by areas that I'd never seen, we arrived on the other side, at Avlona. I felt a bit better, but still didn't have too much power reserves. At the end I was quite tired. In Avlona we took the train that brought us back to Athens, switching to the Metro system in Larissa station and from there back home in record breaking time. Train travel is such a joy!

Now for two days, my legs are hurting. I really need to catch up on my sports program. "Totally out of shape" doesn't describe it enough.

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